Linkbuilding For Adult Camming Models

Linkbuilding for adult camming models

Adult Model Linkbuilding and SEO

Linkbuilding is one of the most important aspect of SEO. Google and other search engines look at back-links as “internet votes”. The more links you have going to your website, the higher the rankings. Of course, this is only one ranking factor in a complex algorithm, but it’s one of the most important ones.

The adult industry has a difficult time when it comes to link-building. That’s because people are less likely to link to adult sites than other sites. It’s more difficult to build links in the adult niche too, as there’s less networks and sites that allow adult content. The challenge also means that there’s a great moment to get ahead of the competition. They’re having the same link-building issues as you. Get creative and find all the different places and it’ll greatly help outranking everyone else.

List of Sites To Build DoFollow Backlinks

BeSinful – Adult social network. Models can get DoFollow profile links.

Camgirl Collective – Camming network. Allows models to place their “links” which appear on the right sidebar. All these links are DoFollow.

Diverxity – Diverxity is a unique adult social network that also pays models. Very unique payment structure. DoFollow backlinks can be added to profiles.

MobyPicture – Photo and video sharing site that has an adult niche. DoFollow profile and post links.

Model Centro – Platform offering free membership sites for adult models. Models can use their own domain, or a subdomain of Model Centro. Camming models can build DoFollow links using the Model Centro platform.

NiteFlirt – Network for paid adult phone calls. Models that signup are given profile pages where links can be added.

Rate My Camgirls – Camgirl directory and rating site. Camgirls can enter their website address and get a DoFollow profile links.

AdultNode – Microblogging platform. All AdultNode links are DoFollow. Build links through the theme description, blog posts or image click-through links.

YouKandy – YouKandy is a network for selling amateur pics and videos. YouKandy gives models the ability to add an infinite amount of networks and links. Links are DoFollow and appear on the model profile.

List of Sites To Build NoFollow Backlinks

Chaturbate – Chaturbate models can add backlinks to their profiles. These backlinks are NoFollow.

ExtraLunchMoney – Models can build NoFollow backlinks from the profile page and through the forum area.

LiveJournal – Blogging platform. Allows for adult content. Backlinks are NoFollow.

Medium – Blogging platform. Medium doesn’t allow for porn, so keep it G-rated. Doesn’t mean you can’t syndicate your “safe for work” blog content for some NoFollow backlinks and referral traffic.

Model Mayhem – Directory sites for models. Meant primarily for “mainstream” models, but there’s plenty of camgirls that use it as well. Who knows? Maybe it leads to more legitimate modeling gigs?

OnlyFans – OnlyFans is a cool social network style site that allows models to also earn money from selling monthly subscriptions for content. OnlyFans offers all users a NoFollow profile link.

Pinterest – Pinterest is a popular image and video pinning site. Pinterest is not adult-friendly, but if you’re running a SFW website, Pinterest can be used to build NoFollow backlinks by appending a website address to the pin.

List of Porn-Pinning Sites

Many ‘Porn Pinning Sites’ (Pinterest Clones) can give an SEO boost. Most these sites specialize in photo content, but there are some that let you pin video content as well. Here’s a list of porn pinning sites that you can use to drive traffic and boost SEO: – Probably the most popular porn-pinning site. has great traffic and can be used to build up name-recognition, drive traffic and it helps with SEO. You can also place your own custom banner artwork that will appear under your pins and direct traffic to your website.

Smutty – Another porn pinning site with a unique layout and interface. Porn pinned to Smutty will contain a click-through link back to where the content was pinned from. – In addition to pinning free content, models can also register and get paid from selling content sets and from live camming.

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