Make Money in Group Cam Show

Make Money in Group Cam Show

The group show is the best way to make huge money in a token site or premium site. These shows are usually very fewer prices for the viewer, with either a small per-minute rate or a fixed price for access, but can be very lucrative for the model once you consider the number of people paying! When there are multiple members paying for a show, though, it can be a challenge to keep everyone satisfied. Try these tips to make your group private shows a success!

You Must Have a Plan for your Group Show

You must have to describe everything on the menu before starting the show. There are some sites that require a minimum number of members to start a group show, use the time that you are trying to rope in more members to also make a short description that what you will do in the show. Ideally, that will let members know what is (and isn’t) going to happen once the show starts. Keep users attracting to your show, show them something that they can join your show.

Tell your members that you’re not alone

There are some members who find it convenient to forget that they aren’t alone with you in a group show. You must have to greet/call everyone in the show by their names, or commenting on how packed the show is, can help remind members that this isn’t a show just for them and that while it is private in a sense, it’s a semi-private situation. You can make it a private show once someone of your viewer is willing to take you on a private one-on-one show.

Always Offer requests for tips in your group show

This is very important in a group show to remember that if a viewer/ member wants something special or “extra” to view from you in a group show, offer it for an additional tip! Members may try to take over the conversation by asking you to do specific things, and you can block, mute, or cut that off early by telling everyone that any special requests should be accompanied by a tip. Mention it clearly in your show description that any special requests are made only by a tip. You can also add those requests to your tip menu.

Create mini-moments of coition

This is the best way to attract more users to your show. If you are performing for multiple users at once doesn’t mean you have to throw the anthropomorphize approach out the window. One of the very important points is to making eye contact with the camera lens is really very important than ever in a group show to make every member feel like you are completely present in your performance. The second important thing that you have to do in a group show is to greet every tipping member by their name and thanking them at the end will also help increase the sense of one-on-one connection when you have a group. 

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