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It’s important to be careful with your money as a business owner, especially when you’re first starting out. But arguably even more so further down the road when expenses begin stacking up. Outsourcing is an option that a lot of small to mid sized businesses look at as a very direct way to save on monthly labour expenses.

But if you’re new to the whole outsourcing thing, you could have a lot of questions and it may seem intimidating to start trying to figure out the best way to get your own offshore team running.

So, today we’re going to be taking a look at KameMedia outsourcing. Who they are, what they do and how they work.

Firstly, Kamel Media is owned and operated by CEO Kurtis Allen, a Canadian who started his career in adult working in advertising with MindGeek back in 2007. He worked directly on the launch for large brands such as PornHub, KeezMovies

After which, he began traveling the world, consulting large players in adult and mainstream such as CrakRevenue, FreePorrn.com, Porn.com, AduxMedia.com, and eventually set offices for the largest online travel agency in Canada, Flighthub.com and their sister site JustFly.com.

After nearly a decade of setting up offices around the world, Mr. Allen decided launch an outsourcing hub for all of KamelMedias projects located in the heart of the Clark economic freeport zone in Angeles City Pampanga, Philippines.

KamelMedias facility is 6000 square feet and seats about 200 staff. They’re the real deal. Working with KamelMedia is a simple 5 step process:

“KamelMedia is not just an outsourcing company, they will also act as a business partner”

  1. Understanding your Business Vision

They’ll work with you to identify your business needs, draft a plan on how to execute them and when you’re both confident that an efficient process is in place it’ll be time to identify who the right candidates for your BPO tasks are.

  1. Recruiting Your Staff

Once a solid process is in place, it’ll be time to start looking for the talent to get the job done. Whether you need programmers, writers, data entry agents, live chat agents or anything else KamelMedias proficient HR staff will locate the right people for the job. You can take part in the process as much as you wish. If you want to be hands off, they’ll get it done, or if you want to nit pick, KamelMedia is flexible on your involvement.

  1. Training your Staff

When you’re happy with the talent, the new staff will be trained by an in-house manager to follow the outlined process and the productivity can begin to flow.

  1. Tweaking and Running your Process

Once your staff is up and running, KPI’s will be closely monitored in order to ensure that any weak points in the process are addressed and the campaign is optimized to its fullest potential.

  1. Free Continued Consultation and Growth

KamelMedias biggest selling point is their non-stop dedication to clients. They’ll always be available for free business consultation with advice on how you can take your process to the next level, earn more money and ultimately everyone wins. KamelMedia is not just an outsourcing company, they will also act as a business partner when opportunities are identified.

The Cost of Outsourcing

KamelMedias price range does vary depending on the skill set that you’re looking to hire for. For example, a programmer would be a little more costly than hiring a data entry clerk but generally speaking the price ranges are from $6.00/ hr to $8.50/ hr.

How Kamel Media Works with you

Kamel Media encourages business owners to be as hands on or hands off as they like. If you’re into micromanaging everything, that’s fine or if you prefer the “set it and forget it” style that works as well.

  • Start Small

If you’re a little iffy on how outsourcing works and are the kind of person who likes to take things slow to learn how everything works before scaling up, that works perfectly fine with KamelMedia.

  • It’s Still your Business

You’re always the one in charge of your process and your team. Feel free to make changes at a moments notice and your account manager will get it done.

  • Risks are Minimal

KamelMedia won’t try to lock you in with long term contracts, they work on a month to month, 30 day notice basis.

What Kind of Business Service does KamelMedia Offer?

Their motto is “if it can be done over the phone or internet, then we can do it” however a few examples of current campaigns they run and what’s working for companies like MindGeek, Momentum Travel and CrakRevenue are:

Live Chat Agents

Data Entry Agents


Content Writers

Those are just a few examples, but literally if it can be done with a phone or computer then chances are KamelMedia can set it up for you.

Why not just use Contractors?

Generally speaking, solo contractors are less expensive than hiring staff through outsourcing companies due to the fact that the outsourcing company isn’t receiving its cut and therefore the entire fee goes directly to the contractor.

While this works out great for some people, it can also be a consistent headache until the right contractors are found, hired, trained and managed (by you, keep in mind).

Many contractors enthusiastically start their new role but the enthusiasm quickly fades as many people lack the skill to work as a professional from home. Many contractors will disappear permanently without a word (usually after getting paid) or will lie about the hours they work, or just in general be shady and inconsistent.

Using a trusted outsourcing company like KameMedia mitigates a lot of that nonsense so you can focus on what you’re actually trying to do.

So, in other words, the benefits are worth the cost. No matter what, you’re saving money and using a professional outsourcing company is the best of both worlds between not having to pay western prices and not have to deal with the nonsense of hiring, training and managing remotely.

Ultimately, AdultAffiliateGuide does strongly suggest using KamelMedia for outsourcing your BPO projects. Their history and reputation in the adult industry, as well as mainstream is unmatched. Be sure to check them out or give them a call using the info below, they give free consultation:



Have you had experience outsourcing? Leave your comments below!

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