Review of AdultFriendFinder (2020)


If you are searching for a dating site that provides both online dating and real hook-up services where you can confidently approach other interested partners, Adultfriendfinder would indeed prove to be a fascinating choice.



This review shall provide a comprehensive overview of the features and characteristics of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

We come across many sites offering adult dating opportunities on the internet.

However, only a few of them are credible and authentic, especially when it comes to meeting people in real life. is one such website that provides both online dating and real hook-up services to individuals around the world.

Casual hook-ups are not a new concept, and there are lots of websites on the internet which provide this facility.

However, only a few of them are as old and reputed as Adultfriendfinder.

Established in 1996, this site has managed to stay relevant to date and has one of the largest member-base as well.

Millions of horny men and women visit this site every month. The exact male-female ratio is not known, but its database of members is large enough for you to find a suitable date near your location.

Also, you will find lots of straight men, queer men, straight women, lesbian, transgender individuals, bisexuals, etc. on this site. A good thing about Adultfriendfinder is that most of the people are looking for casual relationships and sex dates on this site. 

You may come across some people who are interested in committed relationships as well, but you would not prefer this site for finding your soul mate because it is all about casual sex and even one-night stands!

Moreover, you will not be grilled with tons of questions on your sexual preferences, habits, relationship questions, etc. It hardly takes 30 seconds for one to register on this site, and therefore, you can get started as soon as you feel the urge to flirt or date!

Also, you can personalize your profile and customize it with your preferences once you register on this site. All these cool and user-friendly features make Adultfriendfinder a lucrative site for loners and adult date seekers!

How to Use AdultFriendFinder to Find Awesome People

Performance Chart

As we have seen until now, AFF does not do so well when it comes to website design and navigation. However, it woes its audience through the numerous kinky and flirting options it provides them for searching for a perfect casual date.

Also, there have been few allegations of plagiarising content and videos in the past. Therefore, we will give a performance score based on all these points.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Originality


Quality Of Videos & Livestream


Database Of Users


Chat Options


Streaming Quality




Value For Money


Real Profiles


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



You need not pay anything for registering on Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of features as a free user.

However, if you want to experience the premium features of this adult site, then you will have to subscribe to a paid membership.

The paid membership starts with 20 USD for a one-month subscription, 60 USD for a three-month subscription, and 180 USD for a 1-year subscription.

Therefore, you can notice that a one-year subscription will cost you only 15 dollars per month.

Features that a free member can enjoy:

Free users of Adultfriendfinder can leverage a lot of features such as messaging people, replying mails, browsing profiles, exploring chat rooms, and a lot more. You can also earn points by playing games, through webcams, etc. and these points can be used to unlock the premium features.

However, that can be time-consuming for many individuals. If you want to access special and hot features of Adultfriendfinder, then you will have to go for the premium membership or gold membership.

Features applicable to a premium member:

Premium members mostly come across other paying members and therefore are more likely to meet real people who are paying for the services. Paid profiles look cooler and are highlighted more than regular unpaid profiles.

As a result, a paid member will appear in more searches as compared to a free user. As a Gold member, you can unlock private photos of other members and enjoy privileges like unlimited messaging options. You can also explore secret video files if you have subscribed for a gold membership.

The cost of gold membership is as follows:




AFF has managed to sustain itself in the market for decades, and it tells a lot about the site’s worth, but some sites and apps try to imitate it and use similar names to confuse the first time users. However, these sites are not proving to be serious competitors as yet as

Adultfriendfinder is managing to maintain its relevance by bringing in exciting new features once every month!

Adultfriendfinder still pops up in our mind the moment we think about casual sex, and this is the true reputation that the site has created over the years. However, some sites are giving it a tough competition, especially when it comes to design and user-friendly interface.

One such site is Pure, which is also an online dating app meant for chat and hook-ups. A good thing about Pure is that it is available on both iPhone and Android phones. Moreover, its app looks aesthetic and appealing.

Also, it helps the users to maintain their anonymity until things get serious. Therefore, we can say that anyone who is looking for a discrete version of AFF can switch to this dating app.

Also, there is a site known as iHook-up, which is a casual dating site meant for those who get physically attracted to each other. It also has an android app that you can use to get a personalized dating experience.

A good thing about this site is that it does not pop-up flashy boobs and penises right from the start. Therefore, it does not look like a spam site and looks aesthetic as well. You get to register without paying anything, and it looks more like a match-making site.

Therefore, if someone gets bored with the revealing AFF, then they might get tempted to try this decent version.

There are also some sites like which have fewer pop-up ads and provide better user-interface. Therefore, the development team of AFF must take a cue from such sites for sure.

Also, there are many other sites such as FreeSnapMilfs, Instabang, etc. that look and function almost like Adultfriendfinder. However, there are miles behind AFF when it comes to its user database. Therefore, we can safely say that it is hard to defeat Adultfriendfinder as of now. 

Final Verdict

AFF is a cool site for you if you want to find friends with benefits. Plain friendships and serious relationships do not work here. However, it does not mean that it is impossible to find close friends and true love here.

You will find a lot of real profiles, especially if you are a paid user, and therefore your chances of finding a soul mate increase marginally if you are a paid subscriber or a gold member.

You can play the ‘swipe right for hot and swipe left for not’ for fun, and you can also search for a casual date with the help of numerous search filters and preset search tags.

There are numerous ways to connect with like-minded individuals as there are many communities and groups which are named after a particular sex fetish, fantasy, kink, etc. Therefore, you don’t have to break your sweat to find an attractive date here.

There are few sites around that provide so many alternatives to users. The premium membership is completely worth its value and provides a better experience to the subscribers.

The option of blogs is a great way to express yourself, and people who have similar feelings will connect with you through blogs. Therefore, you can become a sex god or sex queen with the help of AFF.

The registration method is simple and quick. Moreover, you don’t have to answer a lot of questions while registering, and you get the choice of creating a detailed profile only if you feel like doing so after completing the registration process.

It might come across as too much revealing site, but it is a completely straightforward and practical website for those who are looking for quick hook-ups and sex.

As a result, if you are looking for no-nonsense, extra-revealing, and kinky flirting or hook-up app or site, then you must try AFF at least once. However, the mobile app must be revamped if it wants to keep up with its competitors in the future as well.

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