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Hands-On Hardcore

If you are searching for a unique premium hardcore porn portal with some of the best collections of hardcore porn content including videos and porn pictures, Hands-on Hardcore is one of the finest in town.



The review proceeds to give you a better insight into the tenets of the website.

Hands-on Hardcore is an adult portal that has a large stash of hardcore porn scenes and pictures. It has been around for more than a decade and features exclusive porn models of European origin.

The USP of this site is its intense and erotic sex scenes. Here, you will not see any amateur stuff as most of the models and actors are professional porn artists. There are a lot of new babes from the adult industry as well but they do not seem to be amateurs by any means.

Here, you will see numerous interracial sex scenes, threesomes, lesbian scenes, orgies, creampies, blowjobs, and a lot more. There are a lot of scenes where one girl takes on three guys, or three guys handle one babe.

It is a premium porn site and premium packages are reasonably priced. Moreover, you get to view the samples for free, which which will give you get a fair idea about the quality of the scenes. Most of the videos are available in HD quality, and the sound quality is up to the mark.

New visitors will surely get impressed by the neat design and layout of this porn site. Everything is neat and clean, and there are multiple filters and search options to explore the porn scenes.

Hands-on Hardcore is a site that belongs to the popular DDF network. Therefore, some users might expect a lot of bonus content with a single subscription. Sadly, their dreams remain unfulfilled since one membership provides access to only one website of the network. 

However, the users don’t need to worry as there are thousands of videos and photosets on this site and therefore, they don’t have to look anywhere else. Moreover, this site covers almost all the hardcore niches.

Consequently, it is a complete porn portal in itself, and therefore, the lack of bonus content will not bother you much.

Hands-on Hardcore boasts that all of its content is exclusive. We don’t know whether the videos will be found on the other sites of the DDF network but you will not find them anywhere else. Therefore, we can say that their claim about the exclusivity of the content is not false.

Bookmark this site immediately as you don’t want to be missing out on this one! There are many more exciting features and some shortcomings as well, which we are gonna discuss in the subsequent sections.

Which features make Hands on Hardcore a worthwhile porn site?

You might have come across many sites that focus on a single niche but are as good as any other porn site because of the quality of the videos uploaded in the porn archives.

However, have you visited a website that focuses on all the hardcore niches but manages to provide astonishingly perfect content in each one of them?

If not, then you have come at the right place because Hands on Hardcore is one of those perfect adult sites.

It not only provides steamy hardcore content but manages to bring something new in each of the videos. 

The hotness quotient of the scenes is so high that you will be tempted to go through multiple videos at a time.

If you have visited any of the sites of the DDF network then you will feel striking similarity between them, this is because all of them have almost the same design. However, the overall look of the site is attractive, and the portal functions smoothly, which is the most important thing.

The good thing is that they produce and create their own videos. Therefore, they take care of the plot, quality of the videos, and details precisely to bring out the best adult content for you.

The older videos weren’t in HD quality, but all the new videos are uploaded in true HD quality, and some of them are even 4K. We have come to know that they are also busy making 3D hardcore videos that you can enjoy with your VR devices.

The site updates with fresh content every week and most of the updates are pure bliss. There are lots of threesomes, and foursome scenes on this site and their users seem to be pretty happy with those since these are usually the top-rated and most viewed scenes of the website.

Sample Video that Can be Found in HandsOnHardcore.Com

Users can watch the preview videos or trailers without registering and this is a beautiful thing to have on a premium site like Handson Hardcore. Most of the containers or samples are around 40-50 seconds, and if you are lucky enough, you might also find samples of a couple of minutes or more.

There are more than 1600 hardcore scenes right now on Hands on Hardcore, and most of them are full-length scenes. The average length of the scenes is around 27 minutes. Premium users can both stream and download the videos.

Hands on Hardcore has over 1600 photosets, and each of these photoset has around 90 pictures. Moreover, you can download all the photos of a photo set as a zip file which saves your effort and time as well.

The pictures are of high quality, and you will find watermarks of them. The site provides you with a model index of their pornstars, also, multiple filters are available to sort them. The profiles of these models are filled with useful information, including their physical attributes and general info.

Also, you can find the videos they have performed in their profile itself which is a cool thing. Many other features make Hands on Hardcore a perfect site for hardcore porn lovers.

Site Statistics 

Performance Score 



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Streaming Accessibility

10 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

95.4 / 100

Furthermore, each video collection can be filtered based on date, websites, tags, years, month, and through an advanced filter. 

The primary search filter is provided at the top of the screen. You can type a particular keyword in the ‘Tag’ filter, and the site will automatically suggest the applicable tags. At the top of the screen, you will see a webpage ‘Cams’ which is nothing but a video-cam site of the DDF network.

From the ‘Sites’ webpage, you can explore all the sites of the DDF network. The porn stars or models can be sorted based on their ratings, name, and those models who are recently active can also be viewed separately.

Hands on Hardcore does not have a distinct page or menu of categories and porn niches. However, the multiple filters, tags, and advanced search features make your job easy.

The sign-up page can be accessed from the top right corner of the screen and the regular pages such as Support, Privacy, etc. are provided at the bottom.

This site has a separate feature of having distinguishable filters of all the options like popular, top viewing, and many more. This site also offers some videos that are available on the DDF networks, and those videos can be accessed in a relatively high pixel quality.

This site has an easy to use registration processes that provide a hassle-free and completely secure payment and registration process.


Hands on Hardcore offers a trial plan for just $1, and this plan lasts for two days.

The monthly premium plan is priced at $13.99, and it re-bills at $19.99 per month.

The quarterly plan is priced at $49.99, and it re-bills at the same price until you cancel the plan.

The yearly plan is offered at $99.95 for the first year, but it re-bills at $149.99.



Trial Pack

$1 to $2

Monthly pack

$13 to $19

Quarterly pack


Yearly pack

$99 to $148

All the packs are recycled at the end of the subscription, the quarterly and the yearly pack may vary; they are recycled according to the user’s need.



There are a plethora of porn sites available on the internet. You can choose between multiple websites, and still, you will have many left. Every site is competing with others to provide the best content possible.

Porn sites are uploading videos daily to offer their viewers with the latest content. One such website is Hands-on Hardcore. This site has a wide range of videos that you can select as per your preference.

If you are looking for pornos that concentrate on interracial action, then do visit Hands-on hardcore. You will find some of the gorgeous black babes and ebony women here.

The people who want a good and premium quality and quantity of images and videos can reach out to this site because of its high and excellent quality of collection and has a lot of genres that provide an exclusive and a new feel for the user.

This site is a part of the DDF network which allows the user to access some contents from the same, each video is in high quality, and a single membership can provide that too.

The assurance of the content that they are exclusive is verified as it can only be available on Hand on Hardcore network and some from DDF network only but not from other sites.

The UI of the site is quite impressive and is easy to use due to its simplicity and non-complexity, giving the user an excellent and clean interface and making it preferable over the other sites.

This site provides a budget-friendly subscription with a very less and affordable price of plans, and the user can have an idea of the videos by watching the samples which are provided by the site.

The most underlying point of this site is that it provides professional porn experience with the models that may seem young but not unprofessional.



This site has actresses from around the world like European, Australian, British and many more. But the main focus of this site is on Ebony and Black babes and has all kinds of interracial and black category porn videos which makes it preferable for the people who want to enjoy black sex videos.


There are various actions in which the pornstars make the videos and that too in different angles and positions. Some of the sex positions include Missionary, Lotus, Screwdriver, Hardcore blowjob and many more. All the sex positions are shot very precisely so that the person can fully enjoy all the poses very clearly.


All the materials are genuine as there are watermarks on all the photos and videos. Their crew shoots all videos, and the pictures are taken during the making of these videos. Keeping in mind all the positions and poses of the photos that a person may find interesting.


There are a vast number of different categories present on this website. Some of them include Creampie, Fetish, Interracial, Rough, Hardcore, Blowjob, Threesome, MILF and many more. The user can have an immense number of different types of videos inside these categories.


Previously the video quality was not up to the mark, but nowadays all the videos are shot in HD. Some of them are shot in 4K and 3D.


The UI is much more straightforward than other porn sites. The user can easily find the right video which he or she is searching for. The experience of using this site is more comfortable than using the other sites.


Other sites provide videos and pictures related to the same overall content, and the websites do not cover any variability. Still, Hand on Hardcore comes across many variables related to content and genres.

The videos and pictures that are present will increase the pleasure meter of the user as for sure. The main attraction of this site over other sites is that they create their contents and videos and take care of their model, the scenes and the script.

Another plus point is that they update their site every week by adding new and more exciting videos and images in good quality. There are more than 1700 videos of length more than 25min present on this site in recent days and the user if the premium can stream all the videos and can download it.




If you are looking for a premium porn site that dedicates itself to hardcore sex scenes, then there are plenty of such websites. Punish Tube is one such site that has some intense hardcore sex clips and videos that comprise of pulsating anal orgasms.

Moreover, it has an amazing looking website and thousands of amateur and professional videos that are uploaded in 4K HD quality.

Make them Gag is another site that is dedicated to hardcore sex clips, blowjobs, facials, and much more. It specializes in gagging videos and has an interesting looking portal as well. Apart from these unique sites,

Hands on Hardcore also has to sustain the dominance of the big premium sites like Brazzers, BangBros, Reality Kings, etc. as their real competition lies there.


The members of the site can enjoy unrestricted access to customer services of the DDF network.

You can use the ‘Support’ page of this website to cancel your membership, handle your profile details, solve the video streaming issues, lodge complain about the billing issues, log-in issues, and a lot more.

You can also share your suggestions and feedback using this page with ease.

There are multiple FAQs related to billing and technical issues towards the bottom of the ‘Support’ page. 

This section also contains information about the site which is meticulously provided in the form of question-answers.

Hands on Hardcore also provides a search option where you can directly type a question and find the solution from the generated results. This page also has numerous articles about the site and its features, and they enable you to resolve your complaints and queries by yourselves.


A few similar networks that might amuse you.

Final Verdict

It is a perfect site for hardcore porn lovers. It focuses mostly on European babes, and if you do not mind that, then there is certainly no harm in subscribing to this site.

However, you need to be aware of the few limitations of this site. The limitations such as the inclusion of only one site in the premium membership and lack of amateur porn stuff are not that painful but they can mean a lot to some people out there.

Parting Words

As a hardcore porn lover, you would love this site. There are probably very few solo scenes and one-on-one clips on this site, but we did not find any. However, if you are a fan of foursomes, threesomes, fuck fests, and orgies, then Hands on Hardcore will prove to be an ideal porn portal for you!

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