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When you start using OnlyFans, you start to realize that there is just so much competition out there and if you do not put content that is of good quality then you simply cannot stand out and beat the competition. Therefore, you need to create high-value and good-quality content on OnlyFans.

High-quality videos and pictures show that you are passionate about providing value to your fans, making money on Onlyfans is easy but for those who are consistent and provide high-quality content.

Everyone talks about cameras and creativity but what most people miss out on is Lightning.

Lighting is key to good photography or videography. Imagine if your subscribers, who are paying to see you are unable to see what you put out there. Therefore, lighting is quite important, and what’s interesting about lighting is that neither it is too expensive nor it is too difficult.

In this article, I will talk about why you would want to use lighting on OnlyFans and what kind of lighting is best for your needs. So let’s get right into it.

Why use lighting for your OnlyFans content?

The simple answer is that you want to publish good content on OnlyFans of which your subscribers are paying you to do so. What lighting does is, it helps to even out the shadows or remove them completely, it helps to highlight your eyes & smile, it allows to soften your skin and thus brings out the best features of you!

There is a reason why lighting is known as the “key” to bringing out a successful image or video as it clearly helps to determine not just the brightness or the darkness but also helps to set up the tone, mood, and atmosphere of what you are doing!

Lighting has also been found to build trust between content creator and their subscribers.

You can use your lighting equipment for many other purposes like if you are a TikToker with Onlyfans, you can take great advantage of using ring lights or using our lighting tips to be a better creator.

Therefore, I always consider lighting to be a must for every content creator.

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What kind of lighting do OnlyFans creators use?

There are two types of lighting that OnlyFans creators use. Please note that it solely depends on what kind of niche your profile is about. These two kinds are:

1. Natural Light:

Natural light, as the name suggests, is the natural sunlight under which many content creators take pictures. It is largely done by content creators that produce outdoorsy content or their niche allows them to go out and take pictures of themselves.

Natural light is a great way to highlight your skin and I would highly suggest every OnlyFans content creator make the best use of it.

2. Artificial light:

Also known as indoor lighting. This is also the most common one among the OnlyFans content creators. Artificial lighting these days generally includes LED lights of different colours, largely bright tones.

Of course, the variety of artificial lights is endless. Some are of nominal cost but others are quite expensive. Depending upon what kind of niche you are in, and what kind of subscribers you have, you can purchase according to it.

Things to consider before buying artificial lights for OnlyFans creators:

I cannot stress this enough choosing the right kind of light will make a huge difference and this is rather the most difficult part. Therefore, the following are the things that I recommend considering before buying lights for your OnlyFans content.

1. Brightness Options:

At times lights can get bright. More than you want. So it makes sense for you to purchase one that has an option on it from which you can adjust the brightness. Most of the ring lights out there do come with this option but the best practice is to always make sure if the one you are purchasing has this option or not.

2. Phone/Camera compatibility:

While this is not going to be a big issue if you are doing still photography but if you do live to stream, it will certainly make a huge difference. Most of the lights out there these days have a compatibility option with your smartphone or camera where it automatically adjusts the brightness and other modes depending upon the requirements you have.

Since you are already purchasing a light, I would highly recommend you put in some more money and buy one that is compatible with your device or devices.

3. Built Quality:

Of course, you are an adult and know how to take care of things around you.

However, build quality is of vital importance, especially because OnlyFans content creators do get to travel to different places where they can make a recording. Imagine you drop your light accidentally and the next thing you know, it is simply of no use anymore.

Therefore, building quality is important.

4. Height of the lighting source:

Some light stands to extend to five feet, whereas, others can just go about ten inches. Which one do you want? Do you have a table where you can place your light or not. You have to consider things like what angle you will be using for shooting and where you would want to position the light.

Depending upon what your requirement is, you should choose the light based on that decision. Know that height is going to make a big difference so keep that in mind.

5. Price:

Lastly, remember that you are on a budget, especially if you are just starting.

Therefore it is a good chance that the price is of actual concern to you. No one wants to spend too much or too little at this time as that can ruin the quality.

Tips for making the best out of your lighting sources:

The following are a few things that you need to have in order to bring the best out of your lighting sources.

These include:

1. Camera Gear:

If you have a good phone camera, that works fine. I would not recommend you to spend some money on a 4k mirrorless camera. However, if your budget allows then I would recommend you go for either a GoPro (it’s much more portable) or a mirrorless 4k camera. Even a slightly used one would do great.

2. No echo:

Make sure your room has enough furniture because no one wants to hear your voice echoing in the room you are making your video. Having some indoor plants, a rug, and some basic furniture like a bookshelf will do great.

3. No reflective material behind:

Make sure you do not place anything reflective behind you while your LED lights are turned on. Reflection will make your content look horrendous.

Best lights to buy for OnlyFans content creators:

The following are some of the best lights that you can order from Amazon. These include the followings:

1. Sensyne 10 inch LED:

This is not just the first choice but one of the best choices out there. It comes in three different kinds of light colours such as daylight, cool white, and soft yellow.

It comes with a stand, and you can easily play around with the brightness after you connect your smartphone with it.

2. Neewer 18-inch LED:

This is a total package when it comes to lighting for a content creator so this can very well be exactly what you are looking for.

It is easily portable, it is affordable, and comes in multiple sizes.

3. UBeesize selfie ring light:

This is another great budget-friendly option out there. It also has a decent range so you do not have to get too close to your smartphone.

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