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Everyone is talking about the big tumblr crackdown on adult content and if you have been using tumblr to generate traffic for you adult sites, been using it to sell your own nudes or if you’ve just been using it to get off and make sexy friends – well you have been hunting for an alternative.

Many went to sites like sharesome, bdsmlr, 2mblr and found that there were huge problems with speed (somtimes sharesome feed doesn’t even load) or that they just didn’t like the site and the people there.

So what makes a good adult community replacement for tumblr?

Well…. a few weeks I posted about this place called and I’ve been checking out what they’ve been doing. It’s pretty crazy – in a good way! They actually have a group, where you can join and then give input to the owners or report bugs. This one guy, gave a suggestion and saw it implemented the next day, check this out:

So is it a free adult alternative to tumblr, sharesome, fancentro, onlyfans or pillowfort?

Yep. That’s the simple answer. Like I mention above, I’ve been keeping an eye on and it’s very impressive. You can follow people (duh), create pages and groups (kinda like facebook has it), post text, images, video, polls and such. You can post stories, like on facebook and instagram and use hashtags like on twitter.

Adultnode is the new tumblr alternative

And it’s all free. It has a few ads that aren’t too intrusive and a VIP program where you can support the site directly (less than $10 for 3 months) and you get a ton of perks. Read all about the Adult Node VIP program here.

Oh and they have a referral program, so you can get paid (a little) to bring your friends and fans into the service.

People selling their nudes or have a huge fanbase should check out Adult Node

Because they have a system where your fans can tip you. And I reached out to one of the Admins and asked what plans they had to support girls and boys selling nudes. Like camgirls or instagram girls that need an alternative to twitter, sharesome etc and he said:

In the first part of 2019, we plan to do something awesome with our Tipping and (future) points system.. We totally acknowledge that there are a lot of people out there making a living from selling nudes and they need an alternative to tumblr. We want to support them and all their fans. Just wait, january 2019 is going to be fantastic for the users on Adult Node.


You can follow pornjon right here btw, pretty cool dude.

So there you have it, if you aren’t on the site yet, you are missing out on being part of something great. A real adult community where people interact and have total artistic freedom.

Sign up to Adult Node here.

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