The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ring Lights for Onlyfans Creators

If you are an OnlyFans content creator, the chances are you know what the struggle looks like to produce high-quality content. If someone is paying for the content they are consuming, they want it to be good and worth their struggle.

It is the same with you when you order a pizza or food at a restaurant; you want it to be good and meet certain criteria because that is what you are paying for.

So to produce good quality content on OnlyFans is a life-long struggle, and you must evolve from time to time to make sure you stand out.

However, in most cases, when you are figuring it out, the lighting might be an issue. It appears to be a small thing but trust me, it makes a massive difference, and the best choice for you is a ring light.

In this article, I will talk about why you need a ring light first, and what types of best current ring lights are that are not too expensive.

Why do you need lighting to produce good quality content on OnlyFans:

Lighting is so much more than what meets the eye. It has so many advantages over disadvantages. The following are the reason why you would need lighting to produce high-quality content on OnlyFans:

You can also say that these are some of the advantages of having OnlyFans ring lights or using these rings lights when you are recording videos:

1. Makes you visible:

Well, this is a given. You need lighting to be visible so that your face and other features can be visible to your subscribers. Beauty matters, and how you can highlight beauty can certainly be achieved with the help of lighting.

2. Evens out:

Of course, you do not want your shadows popping out from one corner. So to beat that, you need a system that allows you to hide out or even out your shadows so your image or videos look clear and the focus of that media is on you.

3. Highlights the skin:

You have no idea how much people crave glowing skin, and there is no better way to achieve it without the help of lighting. Let your skin glow and be visible to your subscribers.

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creator economy

Tips on Buying the best OnlyFans ring lights:

Apart from the suggestions for ring lights that I will list in this article, the following are some things you must keep in mind while purchasing the best light for your OnlyFans content. These include:

Price of your Onlyfans subscription:

This is the question many OnlyFans creators have asked me this question about; what should be the ideal subscription rate for OnlyFans? The answer is; that if you are just starting and haven’t invested anything yet on your OnlyFans page, better to just go with the minimum price of $5 a month. As you invest more money in producing better content, you can always increase your Onlyfans subscription price.

I know you are on a budget, so you should be cautious about where your money is going, and if it is not yielding successful results, the chances are that the investment is not fruitful. Therefore, the best choice is to be cautious and buy something within your budget rather than going two steps further.

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Height of the Ring Light for Onlyfans:

Some Ring Lights will come with a stand, while others will not. So you have to make sure which one you want to purchase. That works for you if you have a table where you want to place your light.

If you do not have a table, you will need a stand that is typically 4 to 5 feet tall and can carry anywhere. So height is the second thing you will need to vary.

The brightness of your OnlyFans Videos:

You do not need something to be too dull or something to be too bright. You need a balance. So it is important to look at what kind of brightness options on the ring light you are about to purchase.

Phone Compatibility:

This is not always a must, but it helps to have a light that you can attach your camera directly onto. This allows you to carry your light wherever you want, instead of having one hand carry the light and the other to carry your phone.

In addition, some lights come with an app you can use to connect it with your smartphone, which will help with the lighting while you are doing a live video, or if you want your lighting brightness to be adjusted from your phone.

Having a good ring light helps you produce Quality videos:

Lastly, building quality is important.

You need something compatible and built nicely. You do not need something that does not have poor build quality. It will be a waste of money and can seriously put your camera or phone in danger when you have mounted it on the device. Good built quality also ensures that the lighting does not overheat or the wiring is of good quality.

Best ring lights for OnlyFans creators:

The following are the best ring lights for OnlyFans creators, all of which can be ordered through Amazon. These include:

1. Ubeesize Selfie Ring Light:

What’s good about this light is that it comes with a USB cord that can be easily connected to your computer or laptop. Furthermore, it has a good quality aluminum tripod extending over 51 inches.

Besides this, the LED light has a wide range of dimming options; thus, you can set the percentage to however you feel like depending on the content you are producing.



Wide range of brightness

Good tripod

Amazing photo results


2. Sensyne 10-inch LED ring light:

The second one on our list is the Sensyne 10-inch LED ring light. Due to its adjustable tripod, you can place it on a table or a floor. It is also compatible with your cell phone. Thus, you can fit screens that measure 3.6 inches in width.


It can be plugged in easily due to its USB port.

It has a very decent brightness.

Setting it up is not that difficult.

The light is exceptionally well versatile.

3. Neewer 18 inch SMD LED Right Light:

What’s great about this is that it comes with a complete package with all the accessories you need, so it will be exactly what you are looking for. On top of it, you are getting different kinds of light filters, four in white and four in the orange color range.


The quality you achieve is very sharp, both in the videos and the pictures you capture.

The entire frame is very lightweight and easily portable.

The light can be adjusted easily and conveniently.

Almost compatible with the majority of smartphones.

4. Peheshe 10-inch ring light

Lastly, this ring light is also a great option since it is nicely made and quite thin, making it all the way around. However, one of the cons is that it has heavyweight. It comes in different light colors: cool white, warm white, and warm yellow; it is a perfect fit for all your needs.


It can extend up to 63 inches, so height adjustment is not an issue for tall people.

It has a wide range of accessories through which it comes.

An amazing fit for selfies and live streams.

The videos and photos that you achieve are of good quality.

Remote use is quite easier.

PS: Best Ring lights for OnlyFans Creators:

Sunlight is the best and cheapest way to create high-quality videos, but what if there is no sunlight? What would you do if you were recording indoors or during late hours? Investing money into buying quality ring lights to lighten your OnlyFans videos and ensure your audience enjoys every bit of the content is better.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the benefits or advantages of using ring-light in your videos and recommended the three best brands to get the best of the ring lights for your OnlyFans videos and pictures.

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