The distinction between the two subscription platforms, Onlyfans and FanCentro

Adult subscription platforms are emerging and every day we have a new platform. The business of providing an avenue to creators is very lucrative as you are providing a service to creators to upload their videos and pictures and you end up getting a cut.

Onlyfans is a bit unstable platform as their history with creators isn’t that good. This article discusses the difference between Onlyfans Vs Fancentro and discusses other potential alternatives to Onlyfans.

Both Fancentro and Onlyfans allow you to make money by getting paying subscribers, but both have some serious pros and cons and you should know about these before you join any platforms.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is the most used and famous adult content subscription platform with millions of users. Onlyfans is popular among new content creators, but it is also renowned among real-life stars with millions of followers.

It works on the monthly subscription monetization method, but the creators also make money through other methods on Onlyfans. If we talk about the overall user experience and the safety of the website, then the website is safe, but the website‘s layout is not that user-friendly.

Earning potential is high on Onlyfans only if you are already an established content creator on other social media platforms. Discoverability and getting browsed on Onlyfans is not that easy.

You can make money on Onlyfans through the following ways;

The entry point for any fan is through paying a subscription fee. You can charge from $5 a month to $49.99 a month or any variation of monthly offers.

As an adult content creator, you can make money by getting tips from your fans on the content you published to your page and someone could tip you through messages.

You can also make money by selling your pay-per-view based videos or pictures.

What is FanCentro?

FanCentro is a new platform for adult content creators with all the necessary features that an adult content creator needs to get started. It is a safe platform with the latest security updates to keep the content creators safe.

FanCentro also works on the monthly subscription monetization method. It also has other features that content creators can use to make money. The layout and usability of a website are great. The website is super user-friendly and does not lag in any scenario.

Following are some of the things you should know about Fancentro:

In Fancentro you can make money by getting paying subscribers. You have all the options to make money on Fancentro the same way you can do on Onlyfans.

The minimum threshold is $50 to $300 depending upon what payment method you opted.  

You can get paid through a range of options like ACH, Bank Transfer, SEPA, and FirstChoice Pay.

Pros and cons of Onlyfans:


Onlyfans is a stable and most popular adult content subscription platform with millions of users.

The website is safe, and it is not easy to steal the content of its content creators.

It supports automatic digital watermarking that can help an adult content creator in protecting its content.

Onlyfans also support geo-block which is beneficial for a content creator who does not want his family to know about his adult content creation.

Earning potential is high, and you can opt for Onlyfans as a full-time career.


If you are an already established content creator, you can easily succeed on Onlyfand, but if you are a new content creator, it will be hard for you to survive because of competition.

Onlyfans takes a 20% commission on the earnings of its content creator.

Low commission rate in referral system as it gives only 5% commission on referrals. The most disturbing thing is that Onlyfans allows a total limit of $50,000 from the referral.

The website is not that user-friendly, and users sometimes experience lags.

Pros and cons of FanCentro:


FanCentro is a new platform, but it has got potential. The website is super smooth, and it has all the features that a content creator needs to get started.

FanCentro has the best referral system that provides a 10% commission on every referral. Unlike Onlyfans, FanCentro has no limit over the earnings of the referred content creator. The most amazing thing is that you can earn a lifetime commission from your referrals.

The discoverability is great on FanCentro, and they promote all of their content creators on their featured page.

FanCentro also has a great affiliate system, and it helps content creators to make some extra bucks.


They charge a 25% commission on every earning of content creators.

FanCentro’s website is new and not so popular among the masses, so in this scenario, Onlyfans is one step ahead of FanCentro.

Better Onlyfans and Fancentro Alternatives:

Following are better Onlyfans and Fancentro alternatives that you can join without relying on Onlyfans or other adult subscription platforms and instead join these;

Join FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is an adult subscription platform where adult content creators can upload vertical videos like TikTok and make money through all the possible ways like subscriptions, selling PPVs, and getting tips on content you upload as well as a reward from the company itself. The best thing about FriendsOnly is it gives exposure or discoverability to your content. Join FriendsOnly here as a creator.

Another Potential alternative to Onlyfans and Fancentro is Fanvue.

Join Fanvue

Fanvue is a social media subscription site where NSFW and SFW creators can join and make money by getting paid subscribers, selling their videos as PPVs, and helping creators get paid in less than 30 minutes. The verification process is very simple and fast. Join Fanvue here. 

Which is easy to use, Onlyfans or FanCentro?

If we talk about usability, then FanCentro is the real winner. The reason is that the website has no lags, and it has all the necessary features that a content creator needs for making money. The website layout and UI are great and user-friendly. On the other hand, Onlyfans has many flaws in its design. Many users complain about the lags they face on Onlyfans.

Concluding thoughts about Onlyfans and FanCentro:

Onlyfans is one the most used platform by adult content creators. It has the most qualified technical staff for the maintenance of the website. Onlyfans is a safe and secure platform where you can sell and monetize your content without any issues. The website is a bit laggy, but the earning potential is high. Many famous celebrities are working on Onlyfans, which is evidence of its credibility and legitimacy

FanCentro is a new platform with promising features. One of the best referral systems can be a game-changer for a content creator. FanCentro also has an affiliate system that helps content creators to make some extra bucks. The website is built amazingly with a user-friendly layout.

You can expect a smooth browsing experience on the FanCentro website. If we compare both of the websites, then FanCentro is the winner because of its unique and amazing features. On Onlyfans, it is not easy to get discovered, but on FanCentro, you can get discovered easily.

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