The top 15 uncensored manhwa

Uncensored manhwa has a different kind of kick to it.

You could want an access to it due to its great depth, story development, character growth, or simply for its well-known sex scenes within it.

Whatever may be the case, the uncensored version of these comics is quite in demand. 

The storylines within these comics may be ‘cliché’, as some may categorize it – but it nonetheless provides us with what we want.

It takes our mind off from our daily stressful lives, and offers us an alternate reality to dwell in.

However, the uncensored manhwa is not a handful in number.

There are a huge number of such comics, having different storylines and plots. With such a variety of options available to you, how would you ever choose which one to go for? 

Narrowing down to the best plots that are too uncensored might seem like an easy task, but it is not. It may seem impossible to make a list of uncensored manhwa with the best ratings and great reviews, but we have done it for you.

Here is a list of the top 15 uncensored manhwas that you should give a chance if this category of comics is within your liking.

Top 13 Best Uncensored Manhwa of all time (upd 2022)

1.  Secret X Folder

Released in 2016, this comedy web toon has great ratings by manhwa enthusiasts all over the world. It revolves around the concept of how every guy owns a secret folder, and what lies within it.

Full of funny and erotic elements, this comic is one of the best ways to relax after a tiring day. This manhwa has a collection of seven stories within it, each interesting, funny, and erotic in its special way. Secret X Folder is known to be Hyun’s best work so far in terms of graphics and design, so there’s that to look forward to too.

When it comes to the x-rated scenes, the author has not shied away from exhibiting them at all. All the elements and aspects of each story come together beautifully – making sure that the reader goes through an enjoyable ride while they are reading this toon. It is highly likely that you would love almost every couple in this manhwa, and would not be able to get up before completing to read it.


2.  Cartoonist NSFW

If you are looking for uncensored manhwa, Cartoon NSFW should never miss your list. The plot of this comic revolves around a man who shifts to Gangnam. There, he meets an extremely attractive woman. She is a webtoon writer, and sparks begin to fly almost immediately.

They end up having sex. The girl decides to move in with the guy after they decide to date. Even though till now it sounds like a perfectly normal (even cute) love story, things start taking an interesting turn from here.

As it turns out, the webtoon writer has been drawing a character that looks quite similar to her new partner. More complications arise and questions come up, and there is no easy way to seek an answer.


3.  Golden Scale

If the stories of rising business tycoons seem to be of your type, Golden Scale is one manhwa that should never escape your wish list. The main character of this comic rises to power through various unfair means such as bribes, and finally attains the post of a general manager at a reputed company.

The main character is a polished man, who has to solve every crisis that is thrown his way. However, even this gentleman finds it impossible to resist the feminine charm of women. It is almost amusing how even though he seems like the most idealistic man, he never fails to take advantage of women.

The graphics and artwork of this manhwa are amazing. Since it is completely uncensored, the scenes within the comic are easy to connect to – and are drawn beautifully.


4.  Secret Class

The story of this manhwa revolves around Dae-Ho. His parents died when he was a kid, after which his father’s friend invited him to live with his family.

After his adoption, Dae-Ho lived with his now step-father for 20 years.  The innocence of the main character is quite adorable, but there is just one problem – Dae-Ho does not know how to make love.

He is assisted by his aunt June, who is one of the most attractive and alluring characters in the comic, to learn how to get intimate with women and have sex.

 The censored version of this comic is amazing in terms of graphics, artwork, and storyline too.

Even though the uncensored version of this manhwa is not accessible, there is no need to lose hope. Various fans of this manhwa have translated each page of the comic on the fan panels.

They have gotten rid of every restriction, so one can enjoy the whole story of the comic with no censors’ whatsoever.


5. Red Candy

Dramatic spy stories are everyone’s favorite. Especially when it comes to comics such as manhwa, one can never say no to a good spy thriller story.

Red Candy, which is the code name of our main character in the series, is an exceptionally good spy known for completing almost impossible missions.

This comic has an interesting storyline to it, with lots of room for character development and depiction of depth within people.

The main leads sleep with both men and women in the comic, suggesting the chances of them being bisexual.

The uncensored nature of this manhwa lets the reader feel every emotion in the best way possible.

One of the best parts about this manhwa is that there are loads of instances within red candy that have the element of romantic or sexual tension between our main leads – and none of these revolve around their sexuality.

 Each feeling is felt by them in its most raw form, hiking its efficiency to please the readers.


6.   The Cheating Wife

The Cheating Wife is a mature drama comic based on the life of Yuri. She is recently married, and her husband decides to do something special to make her happy.

He decides to take her to a massage salon, thinking that it would make his wife happy.

 However, things take a wrong turn when Yuri discovers that the masseuse is her ex-boyfriend. 

She never initiated anything but was unable to resist the sexual advances of her ex-boyfriend when she bumped into him.

 Even though Yuri does not enthusiastically take part in the act of betraying her husband, her ex is persistent in making her change her mind by flirting endlessly.

This manhwa is very crisp and to the point. It is so direct that it does not even dwell deep in introducing the characters in as detailed a manner as normal authors might do.

While this might be a turn-off for some, getting right away to the plot might be the best way to go about a manhwa comic for many.

This uncensored comic is just the one you are looking for if alluring artwork is your area of interest


7.  Young Boss

The protagonist of the comic, Seung-Ho, can be seen battling his inner demons while deciding if he wants to continue staying with his girlfriend or hit it off with his new colleague.

Even though things between Seung-Ho and his girlfriend have been going great, there are times when they have intense fights.

These are the times that make Seung-Ho land in dilemma – whether or not to pursue his young boss sexually.

His young boss, who is depicted with utmost perfection through the artwork of this manhwa comic – is quite irresistible to Seung-Ho.

Along with many uncensored sex scenes, this comic focuses on the intensity of sexual desires and how frustrating they can get at times.


8.   Brawling Go

If comical erotic manhwas are your thing, Brawling Go is a must-read for you. it is one of the most hilarious, well-timed, and erotic comics out there in the manhwa industry.

The story revolves around a Jaejin, who develops a rare and abnormal condition after meeting a gruesome accident.

The comic tracks the various situations that arise due to Jaejin’s lost ability to hold an erection – which can be extremely funny at times. 

After a long or stressful day, this funny and erotic manhwa is all that you need to relax.


9.   Drug Candy

The story of drug candy revolves around the main character Seung-Gu, who is quite happy in his life. He has an amazing job and an attractive wife, and everything seems to be going a little too good in this man’s life.

Until the unfortunate events start coming up, of course. That is when the ideally normal life of Seung-Gu takes an abnormal turn.

Along with the uncensored sexually explicit scenes, drug candy is particularly known for having a deep and relatable storyline. After Seung-Gu gets demoted from his job, his relationship with his wife is strained intensely.

Amidst his marital life crisis and the intense sexual drive towards his colleague Han Yura – the readers are going to get addicted to this comic.


10.  Lust Awakening

The story of Lust Awakening revolves around the protagonist Emma, who breaks up with his girlfriend to start a new life in a new city.

However, due to the feminine sound of his name, he is hired by his employer almost instantly. Once the employer realizes that Emma is a man, he asks him to prove that he is worthy of the position awarded to him in his company.

As Emma works hard to prove that he is indeed worthy of the job, his boss strictly warns him not to pursue any of his daughters in any way.

As the name of this manhwa comic suggests, Emma found it extremely hard to do so.

This comic has an interesting storyline and the various situations that Emma is put in spice up the overall narrative


11.  Household Affairs

The story revolves around a couple, who may seem normal at first – but are not.

 The husband, who is a diehard workaholic, barely gives any time to his wife.

This leads to the extreme hike of sexual desires within the wife, so much so that she one day decides to get done with these desires with a delivery man.

However, what the wife does not know is that her husband is one of the best assassins in the area.

The story develops at a steady pace, and the readers are surely going to be hooked on this amazing action-packed romantic thriller. There are long and uncensored sex scenes within the comic, which may be boring to some but exciting for others. 

But one thing would remain common for all the backstory and character development, the thrill and the suspense would be the key factors as to why readers would want to read this. comic.

 Overall, it is a great piece of manhwa with amazing graphics, story, and character depth.


12.  Redemption Camp

If messed-up characters are your comfort arena, then redemption camp would be an interesting read for you. The story revolves around the main character Da-ae, who has had quite a messed up past. However, she has no plans of remembering what she has done ever again until she meets Gitae.

Gitae digs up Da-ae’s past and collects information about all the ways Da-ae has done people wrong. After that, he takes her on her redemption journey.

 One by one, everyone gets a chance to get back at Da-ae for what she did to them – which is messed up in many ways. 

\Her dirty past can only be let go with a perfect redemption, and that is exactly what Gitae wants to award Da-ae with.

The beauty about this uncensored manhwa is that every character has a story – and you would want to love, sympathize, and hate everyone one of them all at once.

The graphics of the comic are also pretty elegant, and hence it deserves a read.


13.  Stepmother’s Friends 

The plot of the stepmother’s friends revolves around the protagonist Seok Ho. his mother died when he was just a child, and he was raised by his father. His father was a caring and loving one, and did a good job raising his son.

However, things take a turn when one day, Seok Ho witnesses his father coming home with his secretary. Seok Ho initially hates the sight of his father’s secretary and now girlfriend because he believes that she is simply a gold digger. However, with time his perception of this woman changes as he gets to know her more. His now stepmom turns out to be a very warm and loving woman.

However, things started getting heated and spicy as many sexual scenes were depicted graphically. It is worth the read, and one should get hold of it if they are looking for a mature manhwa comic.


Final Words

A good manhwa comic should have every element – plot, character depth, and explicitly – crafted up to perfection. Leaving out either of these aspects would mean that we are not measuring the quality of a manhwa comic correctly. Hence, this list has been formulated underlying these aspects of every comic, and what exactly you can expect to find within it. However, imagine going halfway through an amazing manhwa comic, only to discover that it is censored. It does not feel amazing, right?

No matter how good a manhwa is, censorship can effectively ruin the fun most of the time. This is why this list of top 13 uncensored manhwa comics is formulated so that you never have to go about searching which ones would please the reader within you.

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