How To Become an XCams Model

Tips How To Become an XCams Model

This is very common question of every new model that How to Become an XCams Model? So here in this article I have mentioned all the tips to Become an XCams Model.

The universe of camming business is expanding every day, and there are many young models who are embarking on their own custom porn cam site or setting off to work for any adult camming site. There are millions of custom porn cam sites available online, but working on just any site will give you neither enough audience, nor good money.

One site that has been one of the Europe’s top adult cams network, xCams, is a delight for camming models. The pay is good and you get thousands of visitors every day. This signifies that you earn more tips and more money. You get to pick your own working hours, and hence, you are a liberty to schedule camming hours accordingly. You can be your own boss and work as much as you want to, or as little as you like. Entertain a wide range of interesting audience, and earn loads of cash for that.

We are discussing here about tips which will be helpful for you to get your best adult cams career started on xCams. We firmly believe that sans any tips and proper guidance, many cam models fail to join the best camming networks. They join a camming site which doesn’t pay well, as well as, they also don’t get much visitors. This also decreases your value in the camming business. Joining a premium and one of the best camming site like xCams will not only bring you loads of cash, but will also build you an enviable fan base with some interesting and awesome people, who shall never be shy to spend money on your shows.

Before joining a camming network, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Money. Everyone wants to earn money. Let us see, how much can you earn at xCams.

How Much can You Earn As an xCams Model?

Earning money on xCams is not much of a difficult task, and it mostly depends on your performance. But there are still many other factors which help you in earning money.

The first factor is the location of your visitors. Obviously, if your visitors are from a rich country like USA or England, it is most likely that they will pay to see you in a private cam show. But if your customer is from an underdeveloped or a developing nation, odds are that the person might not be interested in paying to see you perform.

The second factor is a tiered formula based on your performance and earnings. Basically, this tiered formula is all about the more hours you invest in camming with good gestures, the better shall be your percentage of earning. At the beginning, for the first month, xCams offers a whopping 60 % to new camming models. They do this to encourage and help new camming models out while they learn more about camming industry. For the second month, the xCams will pay you between 50 % and 60 %. With every month for the next two months, the percentage decreases by 5 %. For the third month, you get 45 % to 60 % and for the fourth month, you will be paid 40 % to 60 %. From the fifth, regular payouts of up to 60 % apply.

Payment methods: Payoneer, Syspay, and Wire transfer.

Payout dates: Twice in a month on 5th and 20th.

What are The Types of Shows/Chats you Can Perform on xCams?

There are two kinds of chats which help you earn some big money and one is for free shows:

  • Freechat: In freechat, the guests can enter without paying any amount and are at liberty to chat with you temporarily. By teasing the guests, you will have to persuade him/her to begin a premium chat with you. You don’t have to perform any kind of hard shows in freechat. You just have to utilize this opportunity to persuade the guest you are worth his money.
  • Group Chat: Group chat is a premium paying chat and you will earn money according to every minute you have spent with a visitor in this chat. Group chat signifies that more than one visitor shall be watching you perform and you can interact with them. Group chat is a great way of increasing your earnings by performing for less number of minutes. It is a promising way to entertain a large section of audience.
  • Private Chat: After persuading a visitor in freechat or group chat, some visitors will opt to have a personal chat with you. You can have a private chat with him / her where he / she will be able to communicate with you on a one – one basis. In this chat, he / she will be the only person watching you and hence, the price of a private chat is more. The visitor will have to pay a higher price per minute if he / she wants to have a chat with you in private.

What are the Software Requirements for xCams?

There are not many requirements to perform for xCams. The webcam application of xCams works with Flash Player and you just need to have the latest version of Flash Player installed in your computer.

The second requirement is a High speed internet connection. It is very important for good image quality. The higher your upload speed is, the higher you will be on xCams page. To use a webcam to perform for xCams, you must have a minimum upload speed of 200 kbits/s. If your upload speed is not enough, you will not be able to connect and an error message will display on your screen. To not have to face any complications, it is advised to use a wired connection. Wireless connections are not that great and they tend to be unstable. More often than not, they cause problems to stay online. Also, avoid using Chrome and use Firefox or Internet Explorer to perform.

Become an XCams Model today and start earning. The registration and verification process is very fast and easy. After verification, you just have to create you profile and then you can start entertaining people. For the first month you will be get 60 % payout. So start your camming career at xCams today. Cheers!

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