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Looking for an online chat platform without any clutter and a user-friendly interface? E-chat is just the right website for you.

Despite its popularity among the users, it comes with a fair share of cloudiness filled with doubts and mysteries.

There have been no updates either since a statement was uploaded by the website that they will refrain from updating this website any further.



E-chat has not grown much since its inception but still remains to be a popular chat platform thanks to its clean interface and friendly layout.

The website is ridden with fake profiles and bots, and you need to be aware of them if you are willing to use this website.

However, since this website is free to access, you can use this chat platform as a timepass.

A chat platform with a minimalistic design, and an easy-to-use interface, E-chat has been leading as one of the best dating sites of late. However, despite the never-ending popularity, this dating website surrounds itself with a lot of mysteries.

Although E-chat provides you with a real-time and is a free chat service provider, there is not a lot of review or information offered about the site. The website uploaded a statement that the site will not go through any new updates, and E-chat has not been well-maintained off late either.

Beneath all the mysteries and outcry, we have reviewed E-chat to see whether it lives up to the expectation of potential contenders.

The reason why chat sites, like E-chat, are so famous is that people need something to keep themselves busy, and everyone craves for a company when they feel alone. This is when chatting sites rose to fame, and sites like these allow people from all across the world to connect and express their feelings.

E-chat provides a plethora of chat rooms that keep people hooked for hours and enable them to meet people from different nooks and corners of the world. The site also has a lot of active members who actively participate in various chat rooms.

There are no mobile applications available, but the mobile version of E-chat is impressive.

The only downfall of E-chat is that the site is not maintained correctly. In this review, we are going to see if the signing up process is smooth and fast, about the website layout, how are the members, the aesthetic appeal of the site, how to get into the chat room, and many more.

We are going to review E-chat from scratch and present you with a detailed picture of the website so that you get to know everything about it. The website is simple, and you will get to meet new people who share similar interests.

You can also create your chat room, and have complete control over it, all the chat rooms of E-chat run extremely fast, and none of the chat rooms require plugins. So, let’s get going and know about E-chat in detail now.

What makes E-chat popular?

The strength of E-chat is its signing up process. The registration process is easy, and all you need to do is enter a username, preferably a funny one.

You don’t need to enter any necessary information, like your name, address, age, ethnicity, and more, like other chat sites will ask you to, you don’t need to think about paying anything to E-chat because it is 100% free. The dedicated website has a simple and straightforward layout.

The signing up process is free from entering your details, as we said, you just need to enter your username, and that’s about it. Before getting into different chat rooms, you now have a fully functional account and account details, that you can use whenever you wish to log in.

E-chat has many buzzing and alive members who are continually trying to talk to someone. The reason why people use this platform the most is that E-chat’s registration process is straightforward. Once you log in, you will be surprised to see 3-4 instant chat messages on your account.

With the straightforward premise that everyone and anyone can create an account, you are bound to meet someone like minded who will be interested in chatting with you. Just in case, if you run into luck and strike a good conversation with someone, you will get to read your chat history in detail.

Chat history never gets deleted from E-chat. No matter where you are, and when you want, you can read your chat history on the go.

It always feels great when you have someone to talk to and share your feelings. Even if you are here just to kill time, you will find someone who is here with a similar agenda, making it even easier to strike a conversation.

Starting from a group conversation to private chat options, E-chat lets you enjoy all types of casual chats. Once you join E-chat, you will appear on the website right away, and everyone will be able to see your status almost immediately.

And did we mention that E-chat has a massive number of members already? Won’t it be great when you have nothing to do in the afternoon, you don’t feel like stepping outside your home, and you can go to E-chat and type in a username to start talking with someone?

Also, sometimes, strangers can become your best friend when you need someone the most. Probably, this is the reason why sites like E-chat are so famous.

The old-school layout of E-chat will give you a nostalgic experience. If you would compare E-chat to other online chat websites, you will see the differences right away. The site has a plain white background with tons of chat rooms.

Chat Rooms

There is an array of chat rooms available in E-chat, and you can join any of them that you wish to. From adult rooms, like just sex, sexual release 18+, sexual encounters, to friendly chat rooms like dizzy and friends, only teens, just chat, happy chat, and even some unique chat rooms like God speaks, Fair comments, coffee break, and more, E-chat has a ton of chat rooms.


The members of E-chat make this chat site genuinely unique because they are from all over the world. The site is not just for one particular country, but people from all across the globe participate in these chat rooms and keep the site alive.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, E-chat doesn’t have a mobile phone application yet. We do think that a mobile app would have been a great addition because so many people join this chat site to talk to one another.

However, the site is mobile-optimized, and you can explore this website effortlessly on your mobile phone. All you need to do is log in to your account through their mobile version, and start chatting with random people.

Signing Up Process

The signup process is easy with E-chat. Within just a few seconds, your account will be created. To create your account, you will need to enter your username only. You don’t need to enter your email address. Once you enter your username, you are good to go and start chatting.

Creating A Chat Room

If you wish to create a chatroom, you need to click on the “Create new chat room” option, which will be on the bottom of the page. After you have created your chatroom, you will get access moderator’s panel, and you are all set to customize it and have your chat group.

Joining A Chat Room

To join a chatroom, you need to click on any of the chatrooms.

Take a look at all the chat rooms, whichever interests you the most, click on that, and you can access it right away. You will see active members talking to one another right away. Be ready to receive some private messages as well. If you want, you can send a private message to someone that interests you. 

Pricing & Membership Fees

The excellent news is E-chat is free for everyone. You will not have to burn your pocket to become a member of E-chat, and neither have to worry about recurring monthly membership bills. After creating your username, you don’t even need to enter a password.

You don’t need to enter your email ID, which means you will not receive any verification link to confirm your account. The chat has the full potential of becoming one of the best chat sites of all time.

However, because anyone can join the chat sites, we do think that you are going to see some fake accounts, pretending to be someone else. So, be careful who you talk to, and before sharing any personal details, ensure that you have built enough trust.

After creating a username and being a member of E-chat, you can embed E-chat with your website as well. This is a unique feature that most of the members of E-chat don’t know about. You can integrate the chatroom to your website only when you have created one.

You can customize your chatbot based border colour, width, language, height, header background colour, text colour, users’ positions, and chatbot type. Other than that, the chat rooms are the lifeline of E-chat.

You will get to see many chatrooms right after you create your username, and hit the “enter” option. The chat rooms are highlighted well enough, and there are names for each of the chatrooms. Although there are a lot of identical chat rooms, the members will be different, and so the theme.

You will get the idea once you explore all the chat rooms. You might be talking about a sexual encounter in one, while in the other, there will be tons of teens introducing themselves.

Now, if you create a chatroom, you will have to send an invitation to people to join that chatroom; otherwise, it will remain empty. To do that, copy the chat room link, and send it to the members that you would like to join your group. Simple!

The non-complicated chat room is simple and looks classic.

Site Performance



Quality Of Members

6 / 10


6 / 10


2 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

7 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10


3 / 10


3 / 10

Website Design

10 / 10

Overall Score

60 / 100

Site Statistics

Competitors of E-chat

If you are looking for an alternative to E-chat, the good news is the internet is overcrowded with tons of chat sites, and some of them are, in fact, more popular than E-chat.

These chat sites will keep you hooked to your computer screen or mobile phone because these sites can be operated both on mobile phones and computers.

With the advent of digitalization and the popularity of chat sites, many website developers have created top-rated chat sites that allow people like us to connect with people from every part of the world. This is what we love about chat sites.

There are so many people living all around the globe, and we get a chance to communicate with everyone. Let’s give you some details about the top three chat sites that are ruling the internet right now.


The first one that we have for you is Eharmony.

This chat site is more like a dating site, ideal for people who want to talk to like-minded people who would be interested in meeting them.

Singles often struggle when it comes to looking for a permanent relationship, and this dedicated site becomes the perfect stop for those who want to enjoy meeting people and develop a more serious relationship.

The next is BBWCupid, a dedicated dating and chatting site for big and beautiful people from all around the world.

The niche dating site is ideal for all the plus size singles who are looking for a serious relationship. The site is top-rated among the plus-size community, and the site helps you to find a good match in a short time. BBWCupid also shows you the current online members list as well.

​The last one is, where you will get to meet new people, but in the form of pure chat. The website will ask you a few questions. Answer them so that your profile looks attractive and stands apart from the rest of the members.

If you are looking for single people and want to develop a real relationship, or looking for love, you can surely try


Customer Support

Unfortunately, E-chat doesn’t have any contact us page. Even if you try to register, by entering your password, you will not find any contact us page. So, if you run into some kind of problem, for example, login issues, issues while creating a chat room, and more, there is no support page available.


After in-depth research on E-chat, we think that there is a lot of scope of improvement for E-chat, and there are other online chatting sites that provide way better features. Still, if you just want to go for a casual site, then yes, you can try E-chat for sure.

The site is straightforward, and the navigation process is easy too. You can create a chatroom as well. E-chat; doesn’t offer much, other than being an essential chat website. So, this chat website is ideal for those who just want to kill time.

The site has been going on this way for a long time now, and the ability to chat anonymously makes it easier for different people to express themselves.

Parting Words

We do think that E-chat stands a very minimal chance when it comes to its competitors, but if you like anonymous chatting, then you can think of creating a username, and start joining one of the group chat rooms.

The members are highly active, and many members are willing to chat with everyone. You can try it once, and look for yourself if the site is right for you.

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