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We always love a new project here at Together We Cam and PornLearning.com is one of them, whether you’re a Cam Girl, Affiliate or you just like learning with nudity, then this should be for you as well. This site is now live and will be growing quickly, in this post we’re going to fill you in on why you should be signing up today!

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What is it?

The first thing that you may be asking is what exactly is PornLearning.com. That’s a simple one to answer. Let’s imagine that Udemy and Pornhub had a baby. Now you know. The issue that we found was that none of the major learning platforms will allow any adult content or even content about the adult industry so we decided to create our own. The kind of courses we will allow, just to give you some ideas:

Naked/Lingerie Yoga or Fitness Lessons

Sex Therapy and Help

How to become a Porn Star

How to start your own Adult Website

Learn Russian with Lucy whose incredibly Naked

So you get the idea, anything adult related is what we will allow on this new platform. However for obvious reasons, we will need to verify a couple of things when you upload your content as we will explain next!

Cam Girls, Porn Stars & Instagram Influencers

If you currently make money as a broadcaster in the industry or you have a following as an Instagram influencer then this could serve as the ideal way for your to make consistent money when you are not broadcasting or posting. As we mentioned above, you could mix your beauty with your knowledge and create a “I will teach you the best diet plan while in my hot red bikini” course. Then direct your followers to it and make a fortune. We do not ask for 2257 forms to be signed, the content is yours and you can remove it, move it, or update it whenever your want. You also set the price to whatever you want!

The only thing that you will need to sign upon joining is a form matched with your ID which we will ask for to prove that you (and anyone else appearing in your videos) are over 18 and that you made this course without any form of Duress. This is to protect both ourselves from legal action as well as to protect models from being taken advantage of!

So what do we get from this? Well normally we’ll be getting a 30% commission on each of the courses. This might seem high but the server and staffing costs of managing an operation with the scale that we are aiming for will also be pretty high. However we will take care of everything, you just upload your course, sit back and watch the money roll in.

Special Offer: Anyone who signs up (not uploads, you can do that whenever) before March 15th will get a lifetime 15% off the commission, so we will only take 15% per sale instead of 30%!

Affiliate Marketing Geniuses

As an affiliate marketer you will already know how you can make money from this type of thing. You will refer users to us, either students or instructors and then you will earn a 5% lifetime commission on everything they spend. If you refer an instructor we will give you 5% from our 15/30% commission for the lifetime of that instructor. So if they make $100 your make $5 for doing absolutely nothing! Sounds great right?

Sign up over at Porn Learning Affiliates now!

Students & Porn Viewers

Do we really need to explain why you’ll enjoy learning languages more with “Lucy in her teen weeny see through bikini” than with Stan over on Udemy?

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