What Separates Onlyfans From Fangage and What Are the Differences?

Fangage and Onlyfans are two of the best websites to start selling your subscription and make money. Onlyfans and Fangage are famous for different reasons. If you asked someone that you are on the Onlyfans, they would think you are an adult content creator (nothing wrong with being an adult content creator it but if you are a singer, producer, or anyone who have followers from every region, it isn’t good for your brand)

Fangage and Patreon are somewhat similar but there are some good options that Fangage provides like a custom domain to help you build your brand. If you are an adult content creator, Onlyfans is the best platform and you can find our listed Onlyfans alternatives here where we have listed 11+ platforms like Onlyfans to start a fan page and make money.

This article will differentiate between two content subscription platforms, Onlyfans and Fangage.

You will get to know which platform is more good for your content sharing. Both platforms are great for content creators.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an online content-sharing and subscription-based platform. In covid 19, it became a super famous platform among content creators. Onlyfans creators can upload content in any niche. It is particularly popular with adult content creators. Onlyfans has become so popular during the lockdown that adult content creators have found the platform as a full-time career.

Onlyfans have over 200,000+ creators on the platform with millions of subscribers. Creators on average make over $100 a month and the top 1% of Onlyfans creators are making over $1,000 or more every month. There are a range of options through which you can make money on Onlyfans like;

You can make money on Onlyfans selling your subscriptions.

Then, you can sell PPVs to your subscribers or to anyone even if they didn’t subscribe yet.

Can get tips from your followers.

Can get tips in messages from your fans and those who tip you, their messages appear on top.

Sell your used items on your social media followers by making a Shopify store.

What is Fangage?

Fangage is a new platform founded by Dutch DJ Sam Feldt. A fully operating system permits you to host your content, fan data, gated content, and subscriptions, get a ticket to fan data, and build on your website concluded with all the powerful functionality just mentioned. Following are the list of features that Fangage offers

Fans can sign up with just one click.

Fan Relationship Manager lets you manage and segment your fans.

Access to analytics means better marketing.

On Fangage, you can create a website with complete functionality and complete access to fans’ data.

Fangage provides complete hosting for exclusive content.

What services does Onlyfans provide?

It is a subscription-based platform. It allows the creator to monetize their content and buyers to buy the content of their favorite content creator.

You can sell exclusive content on Onlyfans by using different monetization models, i.e., monthly subscription, PPV, and paid messaging. Onlyfans have an experienced and qualified team for managing the security and privacy of both content creators and users.

What services does Fangage provide?

Fangage provides the following services:

A completely functional website for the content creators. Creating a website with a custom domain to get 100% of the money makes it an ideal platform for SFW (safe for work) content creators.

Fan information proprietorship,

Follow-to-open gated content.

The difference between Fangage and Onlyfans in terms of content niches?

Onlyfans allows everyone to join its platform as a content creator and make money through different streams of income. Because the platform was open for everyone, when Covid-19 happened, a lot of adult content creators and people who were interested in selling their private videos and pictures, joined the platform and started making money.

The main difference between Fangage and Onlyfans in terms of content is you can’t produce adult content on Fangage while Onlyfans allows every category of content. 98% of content on Onlyfans is porn so this makes sense that the platform‘s big chunk is coming from adult content creators.

Following are some of the categories being allowed on Fangage:

The categories that Fangage allows for content creators. 

Pros and cons of Onlyfans


Onlyfans is the most popular content subscription platform. A content creator can charge a monthly subscription fee ranging from $4.99-$49.99.

There is a range of ways through which you can make money as an adult content creator.

Content creators can earn an extra amount by getting tips from their fans.

Content creators on Onlyfans get paid for selling their exclusive content through PPV.


It takes the 20% cut from your income.

The platform is saturated with content creators. Competition is very much high on Onlyfans, and you will have to work hard to achieve a good following.

If you are new to the content creation field and do not have a considerable following, you will have to work extra to make a place among top models on Onlyfans.

One of the big problems with the Onlyfans is it doesn’t give you exposure to your content. There are some better platforms where you can learn to get organic traffic on your content. I have listed some great marketing techniques to grow your Onlyyafns page here.

A better Onlyfans alternative:

FriendsOnly is a platform where you can produce vertical videos like you do in TikTok and make money the same way you make money on Onlyfans or Fansly. One of the things that make FriendsOnly different from other platforms like Onlyfans or Fansly is that it gives more exposure or discoverability to the content you produce. It is safe, secure, and a trusted platform that provides great customer service to its audience. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here as an adult content creator.

Pros and cons of Fangage


I don’t know it is pros and cons but you can only publish SFW (Safe-for-work) content on your Fangage. 


Fangage offers many features for branding.

You can use your unique and attractive domain name on Fangage.

You can remove the Fangage branding from your profile URL.

You can select different themes to showcase your content to your fans.

You have complete control over your content and website. You can fully customize the look of your website.

On Fangage, you get complete control of your content and fans’ insights.

You also get Fan Relationship Manager on Fangage.

Marketing on Fangage is easy and effective. You can do email and SMS campaigns on Fangage.

You are the sole owner and proprietor of your fans’ data

The most fantastic thing that Fangage provides is the multi-language support.


The main expense for the Talent plan is 6% handling charges on profit.

Fangage exclusive marking. Handling charges go down to 4% with the Legend plan.

Processing fees are 5% for the Star plan.

Which is easy to use, Onlyfans or Fangage?

Setting up an Onlyfans account is easy and straightforward. The website of Onlyfans is well built and easy to use. They have a user-friendly interface that allows the fans to explore the website easily. If we compare both platforms, Onlyfans and Fangage, then Onlyfans is easier to operate. It is convenient to create an account on Onlyfans, and after that, it is very easy to post content. Fangage is a little bit complex platform.

Concluding thoughts on Onlyfans or Fangage


Onlyfans offers different earning and monetization models that a content creator can use to make money. Onlyfans is a famous platform with a huge number of users. Onlyfans have numerous positive reviews of both content creators and users. However, if you are a new content creator and do not have a considerable number of followers, you would have to work hard to gain popularity on the platform.

Onlyfans also permits creating a second account for providing free access to fans. A content creator can provide a glimpse of their talent to the fans on the free account.

You can create different promotional offers on your profile and attract maximum followers to subscribe to your fan page.


Fangage is a new platform that provides an opportunity for content creators to build complete and functional websites. Fangage is an amazing platform for creating and expanding your brand. On Fangage, you have complete control over your data and the fan’s data. The best analytics feature provides the complete details a content creator needs. A content creator can entirely create and expand his brand with the Fangage features.

PS: Difference between Onlyfans Vs Fangage:

Onlyfans is for adult content creators, Fangage is for family-friendly or content creators who are in SFW (safe for work) category.

For Onlyfans, you can be a complete beginner and build a successful brand promoting yourself on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit. While for Fangage you need a big social media following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

Onlyfans charges you 20% of every transaction between you and your viewer or fan while if you want to go for the free tier of Fangage, you have to pay 10% commission but there are some other packages where you have to pay 0% commission by paying a fixed monthly fee billed yearly.  

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