What type of marketing collateral should you use to get high conversion ?

Whether you’re a cam girl or an affiliate (Checkout our $14.99 Crash Course), your goal is simple, to get users to convert from non-registered to registered, non-follower to follower. This puts them in your sales funnel of Chaturbate, BongCams, Live Jasmin etc. All of these companies have build their sales funnels to convert for you in an incredibly efficient fashion. As such your job is simple. Put these people into the top of your sales funnel and then let them do the work. In order to do this there are a variety of different marketing material to use and today I’m going to help you decide which ones to use. However first I need to talk about a couple of considerations you need to take into account.

Mobile Focus

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that your website will be viewed, around 80% of the time on average, from a mobile phone. This needs to something that you take into account when deciding which marketing materials to use. A lot of the sidebar adverts you will see on this very website for example are basically non runners when it comes to mobile phones. This is why we do a lot of in post adverts that will be seen on mobile easier. Speaking of which…

Ad Blockers

A big issue for most of us in the content space these days is that ad blockers are now installed on most users browsers. This means that the customer will miss a lot of ads later on. In each of the ads below I’ll discuss how Ad Blockers affect them. In the meantime you do need to try and use some preventative measures to lessen the effect of an Ad Blocker on your content website. The simplest way to help is to use Ad Blocker Notify which is a free WordPress Plugin, that detects an Ad Blocker on a users computer. It then has a pop up to ask them nicely or more firmly if you like to switch it off for your website. There is good news in all of this though. Now that most of us are browsing on Mobile, the majority of Android users don’t have an Ad Blocker installed. Sadly Safari on iPhone now has one built in though.


The first marketing material I’m going to cover is the banner. They are really effective and we use them right here on Together We Cam quite a lot, speaking of which…

They are a very simple way to create conversions and can be used in the side bar as we do here on Together We Cam within WordPress websites. I would urge every new Adult Website to have these because even though Ad Blockers block them out, they are a great start.

They are also provided by every one of the affiliate programs we cover here on this website. Meaning you’ve got a lot of choice from the get go.

A quick tip is that when you get the code from the affiliate program, to avoid ad blocks, do this. Download the image, upload that image and then change the link to the image in the code to yours. This won’t always work but it will help get around some of your troubles.

Pop-Unders & Overs

This is one of the most effective ways to convert in the industry. Especially on Mobile. How this works is that the affiliate progam such as bongacash will give you a piece of Javascript code. Once added to your website, this will then open a new tab when a user clicks any link on your site. A pop-over will open a new tab visible to the user. A pop-under will open the link clicked in a new tab, loading up their site in the old tab. Pop-Unders are the most effective as they better avoid spam and ad-blockers. They also make the user less likely to close the tab straight away. We use these on Galacticams and our other websites to effect massive conversions.

Embedded Links

The highest converting links for us are embedded links. What I mean by this is that as I talk about Chaturbate for example, I link to their affiliate program in the following way. “Chaturbate are offering 20% commissions on all sales though your link and you can sign up here.” As you can imagine, 99% of the time these avoid ad block. They are also contextual and offer the viewer a call to action that doesn’t come across as spam. If you’re using a content strategy, then this is the way to go.

Specific to Cams

If you’re working as a Cam Affiliate with a content strategy then after you’ve done the above is to use an Embedded Cam Room so that viewers can watch the cam girl on your site itself. This makes them more likely to convert and also more likely to see your other ads because they’ll spend more time on your website.

Finally, have a look at the Chat Heads. These aren’t, in my experience, incredibly good at converting. They are however a simple way to catch some of the people who otherwise wouldn’t convert.

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