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I will today write an article about Clickpapa review – Adult Ads network – Display, Popups in your website. I have done reviews of many other adult advertising networks like Juicyads, Exoclick, Popads, Popcash, Exoticads, and today I will do a Clickpapa review.

If you don’t want to read the full review here and just directly sign up then click the following link: Sign-up Clickpapa.

After you sign-up, you account won’t be instantly activated. Once you confirm your account form your email id, you will receive a separate email letting you know that the account has been activated from their end.

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What is clickpapa?

Clickpapa is another adult-friendly adult ad network helping adult website owners, or adult site publishers to make money. As you all know that I have been making around $15000 per month from my adult sites (Adult tubes, camming, adult media buying etc). Majority of my income comes from Pop-up ads and display ads. Clickpapa offers following adult ad formats:

  1. Adult display ads:  Different adult banner sizes are available, which can be configured for your website niche to show relevant ads on your website.
  2. Instant messenger ads.
  3. Mobile redirect ads.
  4. Adult popunder ads.


Clickpapa marketplace to sell adult ads

Just like popular juicyads marketplace, your ads are available for purchase by the potential buyers. So interested adult ad buyers can buy ad zones on your website.


Set your own Minimum CPM

Clickpapa has the option of setting your own minimum cpm. This helps you to evaluate your own ads and set the price that you want. If clickpapa is not able to beat your prices, then your ads will be displayed, this means that you will get the maximum earnings from your ads.

Premium Advertisers

Clickpapa helps you in connecting with biggest adult industry media buyers and company. So you can be assured that high quality adult websites will be found there.


Payout methods and payment information of clickpapa?

Just like any other adult ad network, Clickpapa also offers almost all the offers. Payout methods and payment information of clickpapa are the following:

  1. Payments can be received through Paxum, Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.
  2. To be eligible to receive the payment you need to reach the minimum payment park, which is $20.
  3. Payments are processed on 1st and 15th of every month.


How to become a clickpapa publisher or advertiser?

Joining or signing up with clickpapa adult advertising network is exceptionally easy. Signup Clickpapa Now  Clickpapa is another amazing adult ad network that will help you monetize your website. Even if you are looking to buy traffic for your website or any other adult affiliate offer, then clickpapa can send you some cheap high quality adult traffic.

Note: After you signup, you account wont be activated instantly. Once you confirm your account from your email id, you will receive a separate email letting you know that the account has been activated from their end.


Clickpapa Alternatives?

I have reviewed many adult advertising networks on our website. Check them out:

I hope you like this article on Clickpapa review – Adult Ads network – Display, Popups.

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  1. I’m pretty sure ClickPapa quietly went out of business. Their site has been returning a 500 error since at least may/june, yet oddly there’s no mention of it literally anywhere, not on any of the forums, the ad network review sites – not even on their twitter? so I’m not sure what’s up with them (I was actually going to look into buying traffic from them lol)

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