Best Search Optimization Tips for Niche Adult websites

If you are searching for the Best Search Optimization Tips for Niche Adult Website then you are on the right place. Online Marketing is assuming enormous capacities and is evolving every day. The buzzword ‘SEO’ has been creating buzz for the past 5 years and is likely to be in the attention in the near future as well. To be frank- Search Engine Optimization for non-adult websites is relatively easy. Search Engine Optimization for adult websites is difficult. There are many reasons. Almost everybody likes watching porn but nobody expresses enthusiasm to share adult backlinks. Likewise, no social networking site – be it Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest etc., allows nude content. All such restriction have been impeding the pursuit of adult website marketing.



SERP stands for Search Engine Page Results. Does Google rank adult websites differently? Yes, there is a slight difference in the way how Google treats adult websites. Most of the non-adult websites are capable of getting backlinks from PR websites. However, it is extremely difficult for adult websites to get backlinks from PR websites.

I would like to focus on Off-page SEO. On-page SEO for adult websites is more or less in linearity with that of non-adult websites. However, off-page SEO is quite different. Majority of the web directories straightaway reject adult affiliate links and back links. Despite such huge limitations and restrictions, adult sites are receiving huge traffic. Sometimes, the traffic is so huge that servers of adult websites crash. Well, if your turnkey adult websites to receive traffic in more than important proportions, I recommend you to leverage the following 10 best search engine optimization tips.

  1. Long Tail Keywords

People google extremely weird stuff. They are just excited about porn and in excitement, they type whatever strikes their grey cells. For instance, if a porn viewer is excited about having sex with teens, he may search for ‘innocent teen getting smashed by monstrous cock’. Such searches may seem obscure. However, it is this fantasy and excitement drive porn. Whenever you think of starting an adult website, ensure that it has all niche-relevant videos embedded with long tail keywords and titles.

Long Tail Keywords

  1. Focus on Onsite SEO

Most of the people start adult websites without focusing much on on-page SEO. On-page SEO is one hundred percent essential. For instance, your site should have proper URL formation. Apart from this, it should also have a good Meta targeted header text. Also, the importance of a genuine domain name that conveys the type of adult niche should not be written off.

on page optimization

  1. User Produced Content

What is so special about adult websites? Apart from fulfilling the wild creativity of audiences, adult websites get a lot of content from users. Users tend to upload content of their respective favorite adult performers. Content can be either in the form of text or videos. Such content can be plagiarized. Appropriation affects your site ranking. Therefore, take down the copied content, put notices or banners on your website requesting your online porn viewers and users to comply with rules and regulations.

Content is king for SEO

The text and titles of genuine videos uploaded to your adult website may not be keyword rich. Tweak the titles by inserting a few niche-specific keywords. Also, tweak the text content by making it keyword-rich. Again, do not jam-pack the content with keywords. Too much of keyword density is unwanted.

  1. Gallery Sites – On-page Image Optimization

Most of the porn sites have a distinct gallery section where the nude and erotic images of adult actors and actresses are displayed. Whatever is the niche of your adult website, you should have a dedicated gallery section. Ensue that this section is updated on a daily basis. There are viewers who come to view only images and it is not wise to lose those viewers. Again, embed a watermark to all the images and videos.

On-page Image Optimization

Even if your websites’ videos and images are uploaded to other sites, watermark will reveal the owner of the content. Ensure that the images file names are keyword discrete. Fill in the Meta -information with niche-specific and keyword rich relevant content. This is where most of the porn sites fail to do the much necessary on-page image optimization.

  1. Abundant Quality Content

You have to give your visitors the much needed leeway of surfing more and more niche-specific content. This becomes possible only if you have more and more quality content. Having more and more lesser content is synonymous to half-baked cakes and half boiled eggs. Nobody relishes such things. The key is to have good quality content in abundance. Good quality content opens up a plethora of opportunities. Reputed search engines like Google are looking into how visitors are interacting with websites. This can impede your adult website ranking if the content quality is compromised.

Also, if the revenue model of your adult porn site is based on CPM (Cost per Impression), then the number of page views comes into picture. Higher the page views, higher the revenue earned.

  1. Page Rank Sculpting

Page rank sculpting is all about transmitting the page rank flows to specific areas. It is not a black hat technique. It is a legitimate technique. Most of the adult website marketers are obsessive about NoFollow attribute. They use NoFollow attributes unnecessarily and hence, page rank evaporates quickly.

  1. Mobile Optimized Websites

Now-a-days, almost everything is being viewed on mobiles. It is therefore important to make your adult sites mobile optimized. For your information, mobile optimized sites should have low size pages written in Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML). Also, the mobile optimized adult site should have compressed images. Apart from this, the server should have lower load time.

Mobile Optimized Websites

  1. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Let me explain the meaning of the term ‘Webmaster’. It is necessary a mashup of two terms- web and master. A webmaster can be a web developer or a web architect who maintains one or more websites. In other words, he is a person responsible for administrating and publishing the content and coordinating with the web.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

You can make use of Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to identify what keywords and search phrases have worked wonders by fetching you extensive traffic. You can thus filter non-performing keywords from the performing ones. The best thing about niche-porn is that surfers crawl through several pages of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) to find exactly what they are looking for. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools shall give you an insight on the number of pages through the SERPs the porn viewers are crawling.

  1. Authority and Relevance of Backlinks

Let me define the terms authority and relevance.


Relevance is all about how appropriate the content of a given web – page and domain linking are for a given query. Of course, they serve as indicators for search engines to help webmasters determine what keyword phrases their webpages should ideally encompass and what relevant links in the niche-specific industry shall fetch highly targeted data.


Authority is an effective measure of how trustworthy or possessions a web page is. It is another benchmark of SEO. It is defined in terms of the following:

Domain Authority

  • Page Authority: Page Authority is measured on a scale of 0-10. Google is no longer updating Page Authority values. However, it is still possible to give every web page a page rank.
  • Domain Authority: Domain Authority is measured on a scale of 0-100. According to Google, there are quite a few factors that affect domain authority. For instance, if your niche-porn website is mobile optimized and can be accessed/viewed on all types of devices, Google is likely to consider it as a better-functioning site. Website internal navigational structure should be optimized as well.

More often than not, Domain Authority and Page Authority are evaluated by the quality and quantity of backlinks that your site contains. Other parameters such as technical performance and structure also matter.

  1. Comment Blogging

You can get backlinks from blogger and WordPress sites by comment. In fact, it is possible to get backlinks from web 2.0 vlogs. Leverage this to the fullest.

blog commenting

If you propose to purchase adult websites or think of starting an adult website, feel free to take my advice. Drop a line or two in the comments section. I will be happy to help you. Make sure that you use the above-mentioned 10 SEO tips for the greater good of your business. I wish you all the best in the adult website marketing. Cheers!

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