Building a Sex Chat Business is Profitable in 2019

Building a sex chat business can be strenuoust, especially when you are just starting out. Fortunately, we have created this article to help you in your endeavors. Before that, let me first throw some light on the precision of sex chat and the popularity of sex chat businesses. Let’s get started.

Sex Chat

Sex chats are the chats wherein members are at-least 18 years or older. They engage in erotic conversations. For instance, it’s a common sight to see webcam models dressed in their sexy lingerie and deeply engaged in conversations. Sometimes, they get completely naked and passionately sing, dance and shake their booty. That said, audiences are required to shell out enough money to see the model(s) naked.

Why do people prefer sex chats?

Why do people prefer sex chats? There are no easy answers. Dating requires people to travel and meet at a particular place. Dating is complex. It may or may not necessitate relationships. Thanks to sex chats, people can relax easily without going out. And guess what, everything can be done with the help of smartphones. No expensive gadgets are required. There is an underlying advantage. Audiences get to stay anonymous. This prevent the risk of neighbors or family members learning more about their erotic endeavors. And if audiences intend to take the experience to the best possible level, they are at absolute liberty to use cam-to-cam mode and initiate conversations with webcam models. So how does the entire process work?

Modus Operandi

You first visit an adult webcam site and get yourself registered. Provide details such as age, preferences, weight, height etc. Your bio should be catchy and grab eye-balls. You can search for models and start watching the show. Now, webcam models require money. Hence, they don’t take off their clothes if you pay them nought . You can choose to participate either in a group sex chat or a private sex chat. The advantage of engaging in a private sex chat is that you can raise special requests to the model. More often than not, she obliges and fulfills your wild fantasy. For instance, you may ask her to show her boobs. You may ask her to lick her own nipples. Just be extravagant. Models will do anything and everything for you. While that being what it is, do not expect them to be submissive to your thoughts.


If the upcoming trends are anything to go by, Spy mode is gaining a lot of traction these days. Spy mode is a type of sex chat in which you are a mere spectator of somebody’s private chat. You get to see what the other visitor has requested the model to do in his private chat. For instance, if the viewer requested the model to show her bust, you will be able to see the same. This is a good way to save a lot of money as you aren’t tipping the model. Someone else is offering her tips and gifts. That said, you cannot message her directly. You are rendered a mere observer.

Turn the following points in your mind

Thanks to the multifarious choices, audiences aren’t loyal unless there is something different in the models. Models have to take care of their fitness, physique and beauty. Fat models get short shrift. In order to not lose business to their competitors, models often update their work timings on the site. Some viewers are keen on not missing the sex chat sessions of their favorite models. To cater to their requirements, webcam sites host recorded sessions. Many websites which run sex chats have dedicated model fan clubs. You can join them and benefit a lot. For example, you may access all the videos of your favorite model which aren’t directly listed on the website. You get to know a lot about the model, her hobbies, her interests etc.

Incidence of fraud and data breach

When you submit your credit card data, trusted and noteworthy sex chat sites such as BongaCams, Chaturbate, CamSoda, etc., assure preservation from data breach, fraud and privacy intrusion. Run of the mill sites assure nothing. Adult webcam sites and sex chat sites are undertaking rebranding efforts to keep themselves free from the clutches of con artists.

How much does an owner of a Sex Chat Business make?

It is imperative that we discuss the suggested revenue model before going any further.

For all practical purposes, let us assume that your sex chat business adult site has 100 active models. Going by the adult industry trends, let me juxtapose payout rates of models with different services.

ServiceModels Payout Rate
Text Messages55%
Picture Messages55%
Telephone Calls75%

As the owner of your sex chat business, you are authorize to the following:

ServiceModels Payout Rate
Text Messages45%
Picture Messages45%
Telephone Calls25%

Assuming that an amateur models makes $400 per week, $100 each through each of the different types of services, you will be making:

Earnings of a Model

ServiceModels Payout Rate Earnings
Text Messages55%$100
Picture Messages55%$100
Telephone Calls75%$100

Earnings of a sex chat business owner

ServiceModels Payout Rate Earnings
Text Messages55%$81.9
Picture Messages55%$81.9
Telephone Calls75%$33.3

Your accumulative earnings on one model amount to $222 in just one week. In one month, you will be making $888. Now that you have $100 active models, you can make $88800 every month. Let me tell you something- even if 50% of models are active, you will make an impressive $44400 every month. Isn’t this awesome? You can introduce model referral programs wherein a model will receive $100 if the referred model makes $100, the referee gets $100. Such referral schemes are bound to attract folks.  Sometimes, robust and sustained outreach to models is required. If the number of models on your site increases by 10%, your earnings increase by 10%. 10% on $44400 every month is a whopping figure!

While it is perfectly alright to go gung-ho over the earnings, balance business pragmatism with the following points:
  • Establish firm privacy norms. Models do not want to use their personal numbers for sexting. So, give new numbers to the models and maintain all the records of models and their assigned numbers in a database.
  • Do not force models to offer every service listed on your website of sex chat business. Let the models decide on the range of services. A few models maybe interested in only texting while a few others maybe keen on sharing only nude pictures. Let the models turn on notifications and alerts. Give suggestions but don’t coerce them.
  • Allow models to promote their respective AdultNode and social media profiles. So what’s in it for you? Introduce an affiliate program wherein a certain percentage of the earnings of the model is credited into your account for every new customer acquired.
All this is fine. But don’t you think you require an Analytics module along with a Dashboard to view your earnings? You ought to get an idea of the following parameters for each model:
  • Average earnings per month
  • Number of sex chat sessions per day
  • Average duration of a sex chat session
  • Number of sex chat session per month
  • Number of new customers acquired per month
  • Demographics of audiences
  • Number of potential referrals made

Your sex chat business site should have good navigation, robust architecture and bootstrap templates. Most importantly, it should be scalable. It should come good on aspects such as customer service, user-intuitive interface, geo-blocking privileges etc. Needless to say, hesitating on payments and adult payment gateways is totally uncalled for.  Use adult video chat software in this regard. Sex chat software is the ultimate aphrodisiac which can boost your earnings.

 There are tomes of research on the importance of articulating terms and conditions. A due diligence process entailing the verification of models (such as age, ID, etc.) registered on your site is necessary.

If you have any doubts or concerns, drop a comment. We shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on sex chat business and adult video chat software. Subscribe to our newsletter to get your adult venture saddled in power. Our best wishes are with your sex chat business. Cheers!

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