How can I sell Instagram photos of my feet?

Instagram is called a rich-kid app, and if you get famous on Instagram, it is time to look for brand deals and find more opportunities to start making money. Instagram is one of the best websites on planet earth to make the most money. Adult content creators from Onlyfans to creators from FeetFinder use it as a marketing tool as well as a tool to get more clients (direct or otherwise)

Making money selling Feet pics is a kind of crazy idea for a lot of people, but this is something you can do very easily. There is more to it than just taking pictures of your Feet.

Well, this is what exactly you are going to do with your feet pictures.

Create an account.

Put up a spicy bio, and while preparing a collection of feet pictures, engage with the content creators in the same niche.

Promote your page by commenting on their posts.

Alongside, you can add some teaser stories and posts about feet pictures coming soon.

Ask your friends to give your account a shout-out from their various social media accounts.

However, it will take a few months or might be a year to connect with authentic customers, but don’t lose the consistency once you enter this world. You never know; someone develops a keen sexual gratification from your feet with time. It’s difficult for such fans/customers to cope with, and it eventually disturbs their sexual interest in feet.

Why should I sell feet pics on Instagram?

Why would anyone pay for your feet pics if it’s already posted for free on your Instagram account?

Instagram is used as a free marketing tool. What the popular content creator does is that they mention their link to the OnlyFans and other feet selling accounts. This helps them to connect with more followers and buyers from all over the world.

Instagram will help you get bigger fan support; after all, it is the biggest social media app with 1.386 billion users.

Moreover, you can initially post feet pictures to attract the audience for subscribing to your premium packages on OnlyFans, Feetfinder, etc.

Besides that, Instagram is a great platform to make your fans curious about your next post through Instagram stories. It brings more engagement with the followers.

Instagram even shows you hashtags analytics so that you can know which hashtag gives you the most sales.

Start Selling your Feet Pics on FeetFinder

There are many platforms where creators can sell their feet pics to the feet fetish people. Feetfinder is one of the lucrative platforms to start selling your feet pics here.

There are many ways for the creators to make money on such platforms, either by selling feet pics albums or from the subscription methods. The feet fetish people use to pay the subscription fee every month to get the latest feet pics of the creator.

What are some payment methods for selling feet pics on Instagram?

If someone contacted you on Instagram and you think he/she is a legit person to sell Feet pics directly, you can use the following payment methods to get paid:






1. Paypal

It’s fun yet authentic to request payment through PayPal. You can get your payments safely with PayPal App.

You just need to download the free App. Add the PayPal user, and mention the requested amount. Add GIFs, emojis, or any other request, and here you go!

It also has a feature where you pre-schedule the payment, which is absolute ease while you are busy with other life affairs.

Also, with Instant access options, you can transfer money to any bank account or perform online shopping.

2. Venmo

Venmo charges 1.9% + $0.10* per transaction but offers a super secured online payment system. It’s worth getting paid through Venmo than opting for untrusted platforms just to save a few dollars.

However, I don’t recommend a touch-free transaction to get paid for selling feet pics. It’s better that you avoid in-person contact with your clients and keep it virtual.

The great news is you can also choose to appear with a business profile on your customer’s feeds after they share about buying feet pics from you. Well, that’s another way of getting more customers.

3. Wise

You can also get paid in 54 currencies using the Wise App. The method for getting paid is as simple as signing up for it, getting your ID verified, and you are all set to top up in your Wise account.

It’s all safe with Wise, which operates under 2-factor authentication to avoid scams.

4. Cashapp

Not a much-trusted site to get paid for selling feet pics. So, keep this one your last priority. If something goes wrong with the above payment methods, you can choose to be paid with Cashapp.

It is a less secured platform to receive payments but is still an easy electronic pocket for thousands of users.

The Cashapp doesn’t charge any transaction fee to connect to a bank account or debit card. However, it charges 3% on transacting using a credit card.

How can I get more followers on Instagram to buy my feet pics?

Following are some of the strategies you can use to get more followers on Instagram:

Invest in advertising

You will need start-up capital to invest in advertising. Instagram charges $0.5 to $1 for a single click.

It will help you appear on stories of Instagram users. This can boost your followers and encourage them to subscribe to your account.

Post quality foot pics

It will give your account a professional feel and can encourage fans to buy your feet pics. You can also use editing apps to post better quality pics such as Cymera, Adobe photoshop, etc.

Remember to Insta-fit your pictures before posting them on Instagram. It helps your picture get in a frame without getting cut off.

Instagram also has built-in editing features and filters that can be applied with a single click.

Teaser posts

Instead of uploading full feet pictures, you can add teaser posts and Instagram stories to spice up things. You can post BTS stories with catchy and intriguing captions to keep your followers updated.

It also helps them get a sneak peek of what is coming next. So, they might check out your other feet selling accounts just out of curiosity.


You really need to have this art of posting appealing captions.

It encourages people to not only comment on your picture, but they might want to know the nail paint brand you are using. So, don’t forget to tag any product brand which is a part of your feet pics.


Engage more with your followers by making polls between different nail paint you should try. Or maybe a poll between what they want to see next, a foot picture, or a video?

Replying to specific DMs and comments

It’s another way of converting your fans into buyers. Respond to a few DMs and comments and let them know you consider their support a big blessing.

Be Consistent

This one is the golden rule and should not fade away with time. You need to stay consistent and connected, but don’t compromise the quality for quantity.

Instagram hashtags you can use for selling feet pics

Many popular Instagram accounts use the following hashtags for selling feet pictures.







P.S: Who Buy Feet Pics On Instagram?

It’s completely legal to sell feet pictures on Instagram. The Instagram app allows you to communicate and connect with Feet lovers worldwide.

And believe me, it’s completely worth it to sell feet pictures on Instagram. It elevates your business scale by encouraging followers to buy monthly and premium packages on accounts such as OnlyFans, Feetfinder, Instafeet, etc.

You can use the aforementioned popular hashtags, make polls, and add pre-schedule posts to increase engagement with your followers.

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