How To Get Started With OnlyFans

OnlyFans is by far the largest fan site for NSFW content. It has an Alexa rank of #2,472 that’s pretty impressive!

First thing you got to do is register a user. Do that.

After you start your profile there are a few things you should do straight away.

– Pick a username. If you have a big following on other social media platforms you should stick to that username. It helps brand you. As an example if your instagram name is sexycurvy69 then your OnlyFans name should be sexycurvy69.

-Pick a good profile and cover photo. One that says what you want fans to know about you. This will be the only pics that are public. All the other pics or videos you post are not public, only your paying fans can see those.

– If you do custom pic/vids you should say that in your bio.

As we already know it, today’s technology has had much thwack on our daily life and therefore somehow clarifying how we work and share content with others. If you are using social media and creating your own content, you should be using Onlyfans. Continue with me as I will be telling you the reason why you need it.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social network platform that allows cam models along with other adult models to showcase and sell premium subscriptions. This means, your fans need to pay a monthly fee to view your content.

How Onlyfans works

Anyone can earn money from Onlyfans. Whether you are uploading tutorials, tips, video footage or even some selfies and if you have tonnes of followers then, they would be willing to pay to see them.


Commission Rate of OnlyFans

The most important thing you need to understand when starting to use the account is getting to know their commission rates.

Since you now know, it can help you make extra income and you must be wondering how much money you can make from using this social network platform.

Okay, the revenue producing tools of OnlyFans is simple and very easy to get familiar with and when you sell any subscription to any viewer/fan, you will receive 80% of the payment and the rest 20% goes to OnlyFans.

The OnlyFans payment system works in a two way function that takes commission from the subscriber on your profile page and also from you. You shouldn’t worry by this as you still get the highest PayOuts as compared to other platforms.

How will To Receive Payment

It abolish the need of using any external or third party billing and payment systems therefore standing out from the rest of the competition. Sellers can set up their account and receive payment directly from the company directly in their profile page on OnlyFans connected with their banking details.

This subscription payment integrations ensures the whole task of selling content to the buyers to be easy and with transparency.

How To Get Started With OnlyFans


Advantages of using OnlyFans

In the list below I have highlighted the most obvious advantages of using OnlyFans to help you make a better choice between of what social media to use.

  • A clean and simple interface to use.
  • No restriction to the nature of content uploaded–Adult photos & Video accepted.
  • Ability to choose your own subscription rates without any interference from OnlyFans.
  • The payment plan is very simple and not at all complex.
  • The PayOuts are done daily once the threshold reaches $10 unlike other platform that does PayOuts every weekly or monthly.
  • Allow only viewers with subscription to view you content.

Tips for making money on Onlyfans and building a huge following

Just like any other service you need to market and promote your onlyfans page in order to make lots of money. Onlyfans won’t promote your account and therefore you will need to do that yourself

  • Use the right keywords to increase your search results.
  • Try give or provide teasers on what people can expect from your upcoming content.
  • Write a well elaborated bio and include your links
  • Always update your account with new quality content–people are paying monthly fees to get your content on a regular basis.
  • Share and promote your onlyFans page on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and all the other social handlers you have.
  • Upload videos or photos which are of high definition and quality. People pay money for worthy items

By now am pretty sure you already understand and ready to have and operate your account respectively. The registration process is very easy and quick. Once you have signed up, you start earning within no time.



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