Top 10 Card Games & Board Games for Adults in 2020: Review & Comparisons

Done with those regular adult games that you have on your smartphone, how about trying some amazing adult sex board games to spice up your sex life?

If you think your marriage life is becoming monotonous, we recommend these fantastic adult sex board games and card games that will reignite your love for each other!

For this, you have to take care of certain points.

You have to plan for an early dinner, make your kids sleep early and have fun playing these games because these games will make you both want to make love soon.

We all want to grow as a couple, but sometimes we become too occupied to think about the passion we have for each other.

When things become a bit dry, you should always try out something that will allow you to spend more time together.

These board and card games will let you and your partner know about each other more, laugh, and love even more. Once you begin playing these games, you will notice that your clothes are starting to come off.

The atmosphere these games create will give you the kick that both of you have been missing in your lives. Before picking these sex, board games or card games, there are a few things that we think you should consider.

Price: Most of the board games that we are going to mention here are rather affordable; however, we still think you should consider your budget and their usability before buying.

Price: Most of the board games that we are going to mention here are rather affordable; however, we still think you should consider your budget and their usability before buying.

Review: The games that you will find here are available online, and each one of them has reviews. We highly recommend checking out the reviews of each of the board games before buying them. Get to know what other couples have to say about these games.

Top 10 Adult Sex Board Games and Card Games




Sex Stack




Upscale Foreplay Dice


Touch & Tell


Intimate Dares Game


Kheper Games Sex! Board Game


The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game


Bedroom Battle


Couplicious Sex Game


Dirty Minds


1. Sex Stack 

You and your partner deserve to have a better relationship.

No matter if you need an additional push sometimes, accept the fact because it is about making the connection between you two better.

The moment you start feeling that there is no more sex involved in your life, try out some sex board games that will let you two get into the mood and allow you to have fun!

Try Sex Stack, which will let you both get intimate as soon as you start playing the game.

This game is identical to Jenga, but involves a lot of twists! Just like a Jenga game, you can’t let the stack tumble on you.

There will be tons of foreplay challenges that you need to do.

Some of the challenges might make you a bit uncomfortable in the beginning; however, the more you play, the better you will start to feel. There will be a lot of sexual ideas to try. To be precise, there are 132 sexual activities to try. Now you know why this game is called sex stack!

2. Relationality

The second sex board game that we have for you is Relationality.

This game will let you enhance understanding between two people.

This game will teach you new relationship skills, research about each other more, and ultimately have fun. 

The game will enable you and your partner to improve your current relationship and also shape your future.

This game is a definite yes for adults. You will get to make some choices in this game that keeps the players engaged.

You will have choices related to your sexual life, romantic life, work, education, money, and more.

Whatever decision you make will lead to certain consequences, and that will give a new shape to the game. Your ultimate goal is to win in this game, but that will depend on the type of relationship decisions you make.

This adult sex dice is a must-have for every couple, who are tired of playing the usual sex games. Order it today and make love to your partner like never before.

4. Touch & Tell

This game is suitable for all types of couples who want to interact more. There will be 250 cards to choose from. 

Each card wants you to touch your partner, and while touching them, your card will tell you what to tell your partner.

For example, one card can be telling you to give your partner a foot massage for five minutes and simultaneously reveal them about your earliest childhood memory while the next card can be rubbing your finger through your partner’s body while you tell them about something that you admire.

Touch and Tell will ignite the passion that is lost among you and your couple.

This is one of the best adult card games that you will find in the market.

5. Intimate Dares Game

How about a truth and dare card game that will not only increase the temperature of the room but will also test you if you are willing to take extreme measures to please yourself and your partner.

Some of the tasks can be too steamy to handle, and you might end up not finishing the game and go straight to the bed.

The game comes with an instruction booklet that will explain the game adequately to you.

You can play this game with your partner or with one more couple; it is your choice. ​

This hotter version of truth and dare will make you and your partner undress in just a few minutes.

8. Bedroom Battle 

Let us introduce you to Bedroom Battle, a game that is more about winning sexual favours from your partner than winning the actual game.

Sounds exciting right, we bet you will have endless hours of fun playing the game as well.

There will be a few battle cards, and you got to use them wisely because these are the cards that will let you win sexual favours from your partner, and you too need a do some favours for your better half.

This game can be played among couples who are looking for nothing more than great sexual pleasure while playing a hilarious adult game.

10. Dirty Minds 

The last that we have for you is Dirty Minds.

Another uplifting mood game that gives you endless hours of joy and lets you explore new sides of your partner.

Dirty Minds can make even the purest minds go insane because it will fill your mind with wild thoughts.

And that’s what this game lets you explore. You can play this game with a group of friends or just with your partner. 

Dirty Minds comprises of 4 puzzle booklets and 50 games cards.

If you are too shy or introvert, you may not like playing this game with your friends because things will become dirtier as you progress in the game.

Parting Words

So, these are our choices of 10 adult sex board games and card games. We are sure you will find your best pick from one of them. We recommend you to go through each of the games, read their rules, check out their price, and then buy.

Some of the games that we have mentioned will let you have more fun when you are with a group of friends or playing with other couples. Therefore, know who you would like to involve in the game.

With this note, we hope our top ten list of adult sex board and card games will give you the pleasure that you are seeking for.

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