Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models

Twitter Marketing For Camgirls and Adult Models

Twitter can be a very valuable marketing tool, but there’s some things that camgirls need to know in order to keep from getting banned (or shadow-banned). There’s also ways to get the most out of promoting through Twitter. Best of all, Twitter is adult-friendly! This is unlike many social networks that don’t allow nudity or other forms of adult content. Still, there’s some restrictions on what Twitter will allow, and it’s important to know those hard-lines. Here’s everything you need to know about marketing through Twitter.

Twitter Is An Adult-Friendly Social Network

Twitter is an adult-friendly social media site. That means that you’re allowed to post explicit content, including hardcore. There are some restrictions though, and you must indicate that your account is adult. It’s also important to realize that Twitter, along with other social media sites, continue to get stricter on adult. Even with Twitter getting stricter, it’s still one of the most adult-friendly. For that reason, it is widely used by both performers as well as fans and customers.

How To Not Get Banned in Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models

Making sure you don’t get banned should be your #1 priority. If your account gets suspended or banned, you’ll lose your entire following and be back to square one. You definitely do not want that. Here are some things you should do (and be aware of) to prevent a Twitter ban. Below are the basic steps to Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models.

Mark Account As Containing Sensitive Material – This is done in the settings area of the account. Even if you’re not going to be tweeting explicit content, it’s suggested you do this, simply for the fact that it’s an account for your adult persona. Marketing your account as sensitive will prevent minors from coming into contact with your content, which is something you definitely don’t want.

No Nudity In Profile / Banner – This is explicitly stated in Twitter’s TOS. There is no nudity allows in either the profile avatar or banner photo. In fact, they don’t allow anything they consider to be “adult content” (defined below) in the profile or banner. This includes anything meant to cause arousal, which is very broad to say the least. There’s plenty of accounts that have explicit content in their profile images, but Twitter is starting to crack-down and all those accounts are going to disappear.

What Twitter Considers “Adult Content”“We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal. Some examples include, but are not limited to, depictions of: full or partial nudity (including close-ups of genitals, buttocks, or breasts). Breastfeeding content does not need to be marked as sensitive. simulating a sexual act intercourse or any sexual act (may involve humans, humanoid animals, cartoons, or anime)”

How To Not Get Shadow-Banned in Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models

Outside of a complete ban, camgirls also need to be concerned about “Shadow Bans”. A shadow ban is where your account is still functional, but your Tweets and profile do not show up in search, newsfeeds or both. Because people can’t find your content without directly visiting your profile, that makes it next to impossible to promote through the platform. Here’s some tips to avoid a shadow ban:

Avoid Spammy Automations – There are many camming and clip sites that allow you to sync with Twitter. Once synced, your account will automatically tweet when you go online, make a new sale, ect. Although some of these automations are valuable, there’s also some that are insanely spammy. Not only are these spammy automations obnoxious, but they can also get your shadow-banned, or worst; completely banned.

Posting Explicit Content – There are many models who speculate that accounts posting explicit content are more likely to get shadow banned, and many models have reported having their shadow ban removed after getting rid of all the explicit on the account. That being said; there’s many adult accounts posting explicit content that aren’t shadow banned. so although it might contribute to the ban, and has been shown to help remove bans, posting explicit content won’t necessarily trigger a ban on it’s own.

Spammy / Flagged Hashtags – There’s also speculation that posting to specific hashtags, or posting to hashtags in a spammy nature, can trigger a shadow ban. This often goes hand-and-hand with spammy automations. If the automation is using a hashtag, definitely avoid it.

Camgirl Twitter Marketing Tips

Have A Well Designed Profile and Banner

Remember that it has to be non-nude or it’s against their TOS, and your account will eventually get banned! It’s important to have a well designed profile. If you’re using nothing but photos, make sure that they’re high-quality and attractive. Many models will create custom banner artwork. If you’re an Adobe Creative Suites guru, this is something that is easily done. And If you’re not the best at graphic design, platforms like Canva can be used to easily create artwork for social media profiles.

Listing Your Website, Camming Site or Clip Site URLs

Twitter gives each account one website link. If you’re running a website, it’s highly advised that you place that as your website link. It’s easy to have  page that contains all your camming site profiles, clip sites and other web properties located on your website. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to place links in your bio area. There’s not an incredible amount of room, but it’s a good way to list multiple URLs. This will help you in Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models

Links In The Pinned Tweet – Twitter also allows for one pinned tweet. This tweet can also be used as a list of camming sites, clip sites and other web properties you’re performing on. This is an effective way of predominately listing your links. But keep in mind that if you’ve got that tweet pinned, you can’t pin anything else that might make a good pinned tweet.

Listing Your Twitter Account On Camming / Clip Sites

Most of the camming and clip sites allow you to list social media links on their platforms, but not all of them! If the sites that you are performing on allow you to post Twitter (or other links) definitely take advantage of it! This is a way to tap into the camming site’s traffic and turn their members into Twitter followers! These are the best people to market to as well, as they’re already members of the sites you’re performing on!

Getting Retweeted By Camming/ Clip Sites

The sites you’re performing on will commonly retweet their performers tweets. Keep in mind that they can’t retweet everything, but if they retweet you, that can be great exposure. Different sites have different standards and protocols for what they will retweet. Some of the sites will even list the requirements on the blog, or support will disclose this information. This is a great way for Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models.

In general, if you want to get retweeted, you should make sure that, you’re only @mentioning the site itself, and no competing sites or promo accounts. Also, be sure to include a link to your profile on that site, and not any links containing competitors. It helps if the tweet text, any media attached to the tweet and all other content is high-quality and something that the network would like to retweet.

Running Twitter Competitions

Running Twitter competitions is a great way to increase your following and make your tweets go viral. To compete in the competitions, your followers will have to either retweet a specific tweet, post with a specific @handle or on a specific hashtag, or perform some other kind of action that spreads your tweet around and gains your Twitter account exposure.

More Twitter Resources for Twitter Marketing For Camming Models

Here are some more Twitter resources that will be helpful for adult performers. This includes tips, tricks and other newsworthy pieces.

Twitter’s Updates TOS – In April, 2018, Twitter updated their TOS and other policies. Many believe this is in response to multiple laws that were passed in the USA and Europe. Although a lot of the content was just re-arranged, with certain terms highlighted. The update still caused a lot of concern in the model community. It’s definitely worth checking out the language in their TOS, as they word it, and make sure that your account is completely compliant.

#MVSales Hashtag Causing Shadow Bans – Many models reported an increase in shadow bans after the release of ManyVid’s promo blaster tool. And many think it’s attributed to the #MVSales hashtag. This is just an example of how both automation and spammy hashtags might highly contribute to Twitter shadow bans.

How To Remove A Shadow Ban – Camgirl Aerie SM tells her story about how she managed to get her shadow ban removed. And give tips on how other webcam models can do the same. This is one of best way for Twitter Marketing For Adult Camming Models.

Switter: Adult Friendly Twitter Alternative – If you’re looking for a platform that behaves just like Twitter, but is completely adult-friendly, you should take a look at Switter. Switter was developed after SESTA, as a sex-worker friendly social media platform. It’s hosted out of Australia where sex work is legal and has no intent of ever giving adult the boot. Although designed primarily for escort, it’s open for camgirls and pornstars as well.

More Social Media Sites For Promotion

If you’re interested in learning what other social media sites. You can promote on, check out our resource linked below. We list the various social media sites, both the ones that allow adult content, as well as the “Safe-For-Work” networks. Even the networks that don’t allow for adult content can be promoted through. You just need to be more cautious about what you post and link-to. Learn more about social media and how to promote your shows and content.

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