Make Money While You are Sleeping

Make Money While You are Sleeping

I have been asked a question several times. So today I am writing this article on how to make money while you are sleeping.

I have made hundreds of dollars in my sleep many times. When I open my email to find a landslide of “Clip Sold!” notifications are downright exciting.

The following are my top ways of making money in my sleep.

1. Post At Your Amusement on Extra Lunch Money

ExtraLunchMoney is a clip-selling site with easy penetration. It offers 65% payout and doesn’t penalize chargebacks. The good news for newbies is ELM places the latest uploads in advantageous categories on the front page.

You can increase your visibility on ELM by:

  • Updating your profile
  • Scheduling activity for peak hours
  • Uploading new content
  • Using their Schedule Post feature

The “Schedule Post” feature ensures that your 3 a.m. upload shows up at a reasonable time. ELM has a favorable “Tweet this” and “AdultNode” buttons for easy advertising. ExtraLunchMoney also offers active ways to earn money such as panty sales and texting.

2. Put Your Low-Quality Clips To Good Use on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the best camming site with a good opportunity for passive income. Use their “upload clips” feature and select the amount of tokens to charge.

Chaturbate reduces the quality of each clip, so this is a great place to unload shoddy clips. Benefits of Chaturbate include:

  • High traffic which equals large sales
  • “Share and Earn” links: make money when users create a free account
  • Ability to create a Fan Club for a monthly token amount

Chaturbate automatically mutes all audio on clips with music to avoid copyright voilations. They also remove all clips automatically if you do not keep your ID and payment current.

3. Maximize Your Reach With High Traffic at Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale is a high-traffic clip-selling site. It is an older site with a good prominence despite chargebacks. As the name suggests, they are not looking for videos or movies. Each clip has a time limit.

There are some conditions to activate your account. Models are required to upload ten clips in order to activate their account. If you are a new model, you can upload copies of the same clip in various formats. You are placed on the top of the front page each time you update.

Time your uploads to coexist with high internet traffic hours for optimal results. Even though their payouts are only 60%, the traffic more than makes up for the lower payout. They also offer image sales, membership sales, and tributes.

4. Be Your Own Marketing Manager on Model Centro

ModelCentro is a platform that allows models to build their own pay site. They offer a 70% payout, but there is no built-in advertising. You can choose to make videos downloadable or streaming only. A model with many followers can direct them to the same spot for a monthly membership fee. Models can build a personalized website with everything from clips to embedded cam streaming to blogging.

5. Use Interactive Features on Flirt4Free

This is also a well-known site for making money. Flirt4Free is more than just a cam site. They offer phone chat, blogging, and videos on demand. You can record all your shows and charge members for pre-recorded videos. The payout is 26% for average traffic. For regular streamers or models with a large collection of clips and vids, this site could be worth investing time in.

6. High Traffic and High Payout at NiteFlirt

This is also best site for a webcam model to earn extra income. NiteFlirt is a camming and calling site with a built-in clip selling profile. Models earn 50% of sales from pre-recorded content, and a stunning 70% for live calls. It has a lot of traffic and growing number of followers.

7. Become a Quality Clip Star at ManyVids

This is one of the best site for selling your homemade videos and clips. ManyVids is a popular clip-selling website with a lot of traffic. Models on this site are ranked, and popular videos are placed on the front page. You can increase your ranking by:

  • Promoting on AdultNode
  • Interacting with other models
  • Automating tweets

ManyVids also helps its models out by:

Customers on this site seek high-quality, good-length videos and pictures. ManyVids do not penalize models for chargebacks, and they offer 60% payout. They recently added a “Schedule Post” feature providing models the freedom to upload at their own convenience.

8. Make Money with Social Media on AdultNode

Last year in the wake of the tumblr porn ban, Adult Node launched and it’s been gaining traction every since.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the service, the team behind is pretty awesome, they’ve come a very long way with a very small budget. Using Adult Node doesn’t support some big corporation or go to some odd token project. They spend everything on building a better platform, because they recognize, that there is a huge need for a place where you can go and be free.

Their latest feature is live video sex chat. It’s pretty cool, sure it’s not as advanced like the big guys (chaturbate, bonga etc) – but it’s very personal and super cool.

It’s real simple, if you want to be called, you enable Video Chat on your profile and you’ll earn 70cent per minute. If you want to call, you call anyone that has the call icon on their profile and pay $1 per minute. Very industry standard.

9. Enjoy A Sweet Payout Rate at YouKandy

YouKandy is a content site. Its traffic leaves something to be desired, but it has a number of great features including:

  • Cam
  • Payouts as often as five times a week
  • Custom requests
  • Higher payouts for referred customers and contests
  • 70% payout
  • Private photo galleries

You can cash out once a month or as often as five times a week. YouKandy sorts their front page by “latest of” in each category. This is great since your front-page status is based on regular uploads, not ranking or earnings.

10. Make Money in Market Research Through VertoSmart

VertoSmart is a consumer panel app that gathers statistical data from websites and other apps you use. What’s great is it runs in the background instead of making you fill out surveys. The most common complaint is that it slows down mobile or outdated devices.

Regularly uploading new content and joining several sites at once is essential. You could go months without many sales on one site, but make plenty on another. Good luck!

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