White Label Adult Sites for Cam Girls

White Label Adult Webcam Sites for Cam Girls

Thousands of Adult webcam models or cam girls are usually part of a camming network. They’re usually divided by region or age group, and it’s very easy for newer models to get lost in the crowd. If you’re looking to become an adult webcam model, most would point you in the direction of camming networks, but there’s actually another option called ‘white label’ sites or networks. Basically, a white label site or network is a site hosted and managed by another network, but with your brand. So a model can advertise that as his/her site, feature only his/her content, but it’s actually running on another network. 

White label sites are a great way not only to create a brand for specific models, but also to create niche sites. So basically you’re rebranding a product altogether according to your needs, and to users it appears as if you’re the sole creator of it. For an up and coming adult cam model who wants to make their mark in the industry, a well-made white label webcam site can do wonders. All you need to do is choose the right network, get a snazzy domain name, and you’re good to go! Here’s a few of the best white label adult webcam sites you can go for.


It’s no surprise that one of the biggest and most well-known camming networks is also a great white label adult webcam site provider. Featuring one of the most robust backends and the unassailable large brand name, white labels on Chaturbate are perfect for those looking to start out with a solo webcam model site or branch out into niche sites. The revenue sharing is set at 20%, and with promised traffic, you should be able to rake in the moolah in no time. This is one of the best white label adult webcam site that you can go without any hesitation.


Part of the large ClickCash network, iFriends is a network and community for webcam models known for its generous revenue sharing models. Apart from the actual camming capabilities, models have the options to create fanclubs, sell webcam replays, make money from phone calls, sell adult content and do much more. In the end, models get about 20-35% revenue that the site makes, and again, with the large network, traffic shouldn’t be much of an issue. Put up a great show and there won’t be a dearth of revenue! This is also best for caming White Label Adult Sites for cam girls.


Next up, we have WebcamWiz, what used to be also known as ImLive. Offering the highest revenue sharing percentage among the competition, a solid 35%, and years of expertise, WebcamWiz is one of the best options to consider for a white label adult cams site. Even if you’re looking to open up a new website with thousands of models, WebcamWiz’s template and platform ensures smooth running, so multifaceted is a strong suit. Combine this with the fact that 3% of all revenues generated by webmasters referred by you is given to you, and you have one of the most profitable white label site providers out there. Highly recommended from our side.


Creators of the incredibly popular LiveJasmin and Jasmin websites, AdultWebmasterEmpire is highly respected in the adult industry for their expertise in the white label business. Managing thousands of sites under their multiple brands, white labels from AWE mean one thing, quality. The layout, design and way all white label sites come with is excellent, and you also get a host of features like custom blogs, branded newsletters, categories and niches, filters, multiple profiles and much more. It also ranks high in terms of ease of use, so grabbing a white label site from them would be one of the better choices! This website is recognized to be one the top adult custom porn cam site.

Once you’ve picked out the network you want to go with for a white label site, you can get started in almost no time, but there are a couple of things we think you should take care of and keep in mind before you take the plunge. A lot of these elements can make or break your website, so don’t just gloss over them!

  • The Domain and Brand Name: It’s quite obvious that the name and image you choose to create for your brand reflects what you’re offering, so make sure to pick out something both catchy and unorthodox. You need to think from an outside interpretation and pick out a name that would give you an idea about what you can expect, just from the name and promotional material.
  • Simple is Best: Contrary to popular belief, a lot of design elements isn’t really attractive, it’s just annoying to look at. Pick out a clean and good looking template and don’t over make complex with colors and fonts. Your focus is to make sure that it looks appealing, because the content is what you’re selling, not the design. A well designed and clean site goes a long way!
  • Look For A Target Demographic: Shooting in the dark hasn’t really done any marketer any good, so rather than just overgeneralize, you’d be wise to pick out a niche or target demographic. This way, you know exactly whom to create and advertise content for, because targeted efforts are always better than throwing things and hoping something sticks to the wall.

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