Why Every Webcam Model Should Be An Affiliate Marketer-Affiliate Marketing

Why Every Camgirl Needs To Be An Affiliate Marketer

You’re in it to make money, right? Sure it’s fun and you get to work from home and set your own hours, but in the end it’s all about the money. Affiliate marketing is a great method of increasing your income, without having to perform. Sure, there’s a little bit of work that’s required, but it’s something that will also market you as a performer as well. (Building the website, SEO, posting pic and video sets, social media, ect.)

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a company (in this case, your webcam network) pays publishers for referral traffic that converts. Pretty much every webcam network has an affiliate program. Most webcam networks will either offer “pay-per-signup” or “revenue-share”. You definitely want to do revenue-sharing, as it’ll mean more money in the long-term. Affiliate marketers are given special tracking links to use to refer traffic. Each link is unique to the affiliate marketer and lets the company know who’s referring the traffic.

Why Every Webcam Model Should Be An Affiliate Marketer

Extra Money – You’re linking to your chatroom and webcam network anyway, might as well make it affiliate links and earn some extra cash! Just think, if you were making an extra 10% on all your shows? Also, if you refer a member that converts, you make money off all the other shows they watch, not just yours. They could never watch your show or tip you once and you’ll still make lifetime rev-share on all their spending with that network.

Keep Earning After Retirement – If you never plan on retiring, great. Keep on rocking. If not, you might be thinking about  your future. By partnering with your webcam networks and building a strong referral-base, you’ll be building up a residual income for the rest of your life. By keeping the web properties and social networks alive, you could still be referring new members long after you quit performing.

Increased Marketing – Simply by practicing affiliate marketing, your webcam marketing will naturally improve. You’ll be looking for opportunities to drop an affiliate link, and this will naturally help market you as a webcam model as well.

Learn Valuable Skills – There are many affiliate programs out there. What you learn as an affiliate marketer can be applied to other niches as well. You might find that you’re good at affiliate marketing and might start making money in other niches. You’ll also learn all forms of digital marketing, which is a skill that can always be used.

Places To Add Affiliate Links / Banners

Website: Definitely add your links and banners to your website. Some networks, like Chaturbate, for example, will actually create custom banners for you! Simply shoot them an email and they’ll work with you on designing the right sized banner for you.

Twitter: It’s up to you whether you want to link to your website or directly to your cam network or chatroom. Even if you link to your website (recommended) you can still consistently tweet out your affiliate link. You can even use networks such as IFTTT to set triggers to automatically shoot out an “I’m going online right now!” tweet with your affiliate link.

AdultNode: AdultNode allows for custom HTML in the description. This means that you can add banners directly to your AdultNode blog. Text links work well too. You can always set the AdultNode click-through link to your affiliate link, or your website which should contain banners and links already.

Blogs: If you’ve got hosted blogs (WordPress.com, Blogger, LiveJournal, ect.) then you can place your affiliate links directly on your blog. Make sure that linking to adult content is allowed by their TOS. All the blogging platforms mentioned above do allow for adult content, but blogs must be flagged as such.

Porn Sharing Sites: Many porn sharing sites allow you to choose where the click-through link goes. Others require the photo to be pinned from a page. For those that require the photo to be pinned, you can always upload a bunch of pics to a page, pin them all then 301 redirect the page to your affiliate link.

The best Tumblr alternative


Adult Node quickly became a popular safe haven for artists and adult content creators affected by the Tumblr ban. The site sports laid-back policies on adult content, letting artists, porn creators, and cam girls all build a following on the site. Here you can express yourself freely, share stories, photos & videos and engage with others. AdultNode is adults only playground.

If you’ve never used AdultNode before, the site lets users follow each other to curate an endless timeline filled with posts with photos and videos. Searching for content is as easy as typing in a keyword or hashtag and reading through the results, plus many adult artists and sex workers on Tumblr already have accounts on AdultNode.

Does My Cam Network Have An Affiliate Program?

Most cam networks do. Check out our list of webcam networks offering affiliate programs to see if your network has one. If it does, you’ll find the direct signup link on that network comparison. Please note, that sometimes the webcam network doesn’t have an “in-house affiliate program”. If this is the case, they’ll be partnered with an “affiliate network” that will probably offer affiliate programs for multiple websites. If this is the case, you’ll need to register with the network before you can start promoting. It might be worth putting in there that you are a camgirl with the network, especially if you don’t currently have a website.

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