How To Become An Adult Affiliate

Becoming an Adult Affiliate in 2018 is really a lot easier than you might think. Some people believe that there might be legal issues and hurdle to overcome, or that there might be an beginning outlay before starting.

In actual fact, there really is no risk related to becoming an adult affiliate and making money through the sale of adult memberships.

Of course, local laws may apply depending on the legality of such content in your country, but if you live in the West, you really have nothing to worry about.

This guide is contemplate to give you a step-by-step guide to becoming an adult affiliate in either straight, gay or both content.

You could be making money from selling memberships within hours of following this guide, all you need is a web site – free or paid.

The Free Method

The primary free method of becoming an adult affiliate involves using one of the various completely free adult hosting platforms available to you.

There are a few to choose from, but you need to ensure that they allow adult content on their servers before you begin.

The big down-side to Blogger is that it is out of your control.

Many people start out with Google’s Blogger, a free blog hosting platform that is actually quite easy to use, you just sign up, crate your blog and get posting.

As with all free methods, you are relying on another person or business continuing the business, and if they decide one day that your blog is not actually that important, they could delete it without warning.

I have always said that people should treat blogging like writing a novel, you are regularly building it and adding new pages to your book each and every day.

After years of writing, would you simply hand over your manuscript to anyone?

I learnt the hard way myself – I started some blogs through Blogspot free hosting a few years back, got them well established and then blogger started slapping on the warning pages and search traffic disappeared.

Why would you even look for “free” hosting when you can get a real host for the cost a single coffee at starbucks 3 or 4 dollars a month?

Seriously, do not risk losing your business – get an adult hosting now.

The Paid Method

Although this can be more complex than free hosting, it is actually quite cheap and easy when you follow some of the simple steps out there.

The first thing to do is decide on a domain name, something relevant to the content you plan to post.

Make sure your read these posts:

I can recommend you Namecheap. It is the best and probably the cheapest well known domain name registrar. They offer free Whois protection, so no one can find out that you own the domain.

The next thing to do is find a hosting company that allows adult content to appear on their servers.

I use them for all my adult websites and I love them.

I always use 247-Host, it is what I am used to, and I know that they do not have a problem with adult affiliates or adult content on their servers.

Their basic hosting packages are affordable (less than $5 per month) and everything you need as an adult affiliate is there within reach, with easy installation of WordPress and easy control of email services.

If you have a domain idea, click through and see if it is available to host with 247-Host. You could be running your own adult affiliate blog within a couple of minutes.

Starting Your Blog

Once you have either a free blog or a hosted WordPress installation you are ready to get going. You should have an idea of what kind of content you want to promote, gay, straight or both, and possibly a niche subject in your chosen field too.

You should check out MyThemeShop. This is a popular WordPress theme shop offering various premium and free WordPress themes. Their themes are super SEO friendly, powerful, elegant, customizable and they load extremely fast. I am using some of their themes on my adult and mainstream sites and I am very pleased. I totally recommend them.

You really have to take a look at my adult affiliate sponsors guidance page. You will find there a list of my favorite programs that I currently promote:

Start off by adding any banners and little gadgets you think might be good in the side bar.

This is really all about traversing what works for you and what does not, so making use of specific tracking codes can help you decide what is working and what is not after just a couple of months.

That is all part of building a good site though, and these are things that you will pick up over the coming weeks and months.


As writers ourselves, we know how valuable it is to add original text to your blog.

Writing about the content is actually quite easy once you get going, and the general rule is “the more there is the better”.

You do not want Google seeing you as just another spammer or adult affiliate who can not be bothered to do anything unique.

You don not want the text to get in the way of those just enjoying the images or videos you add, but you want to make sure there is enough content there to please the search engines.

I would recommend adding at least 50 words to every single post, choosing a relevant collection of words to place in the title and scatter through the test too.

This is how Google will present the post to searchers.

Say you are writing a post about “small blue widgets”, you would write a title like “These Small Blue Widgets Are The Dogs Bollocks!” then you could use “small blue widgets” perhaps three times in the 250 word text (four times in a 400 word post, five times in a 700 word post).

The idea is to keep it flowing naturally, using that term in proper places that actually make sense to both the reader and Google.

In order to make it easy on the eye and good for Google, we tend to add a small paragraph of text with the use of the key term once, then add any images or videos, then add the rest of the text at the bottom of the post.

This allows the image fan to ignore the “wall of text” if they wish, but provides Google with enough text to please, and allows the avid reader to find out more about the video or gallery if they wish at the end of the content.

You can then also include your adult affiliate link advising the reader of where they can find more.

Categories and tags are really up to the individual adult affiliate, and there is no real “right way” to do this.

It is completely up to you how you manage these aspects of your blog, but monitoring and reading up on opinions as Google and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) changes is completely advisable.

Check out the links below to learn more about the SEO:


Clearly, you intend to post content to a blog and send visitors to an adult site. Linking out from your blog is one of the most important things about your site, it is how you make your money.

The first thing to do is log in to your adult affiliate program and create campaigns (many adult affiliate programs allow you to create endless campaigns which will help you to keep track of where the clicks and sales are originating from on your blog).

If you have banners for a site on your blog, I would create two campaigns, one labeled “post” and one labeled “banner”.

When you analyze any traffic or sales you send to the adult site, you will be able to see if people prefer the post content or are clicking though the banner. This is a great way to keep track of what is working and what is not.

The truth is no one really seems to know if it is better to add a link saying “Click Here To Watch The Video” or whether it is just better to add links to the images.

When linking out of a post to an adult site, there are numerous methods and plenty of unreliable evidence to suggest various things.

Personally, I change it depending on the content and my mood.

Gaining Traffic

The most important thing about being an adult affiliate is having the traffic arriving at your blog and then clicking through to join a site.

You need to have the audience arriving for you to send through to a site, and that is a lot easier than it sounds.

Every time someone clicks through from your blog to an adult site, then signs up to that site, you earn some money.

Google (and other search engines) will find you, and they will start presenting your pages and posts to searchers. This is what they do, and you do not need to buy traffic or spam other people to get clicks.

But there are ways to speed up the process just a little.

One of the preferred ways to get the ball rolling is to add your link in a couple of places (this does not just get people clicking that link to visit your site, it also helps Google to find your site too).

But don not go over the top as Google will notice too many links appearing all over the place.

Adding a link to your blog with an appropriate keyword in a forum signature will definitely help, as will swapping links with another blogger.

If you want to know more about how to get traffic, read this post:

Regularity Of Posting

Different adult affiliates suggest different things when it comes to posting schedule, but from experience we can surely say without a doubt that the more you post the more traffic will arrive.

Think of it this way – Google sends traffic to a post or page of a site, the more posts or pages there are the more traffic will arrive.

It is pretty simple.

I am currently running a new blog with four posts of content – over 50 words each post – per day, timed to publish throughout a 24 hour period.

In one month it has gone from less than 50 visits per day to almost 2000. There seemed to be a breaching point, where a post sent the blog over the edge and Google started paying attention.

I had been posting here and there on the blog for a few weeks without any traffic increases, and then one day BOOM!

It just kicked off and the ball was rolling.

Keep posting, keep writing, and after a month or two of daily updates you will see your traffic coming in and your sales increasing.

I advise you to read my other posts on that topic:

Feel free to check out the archive of my all posts.

In Closing

Operating as an adult affiliate is simple.

As long as you are comfortable working with the content, writing interesting posts and sticking to it, you could be one of the adult affiliates making a full-time income in the next year working from home.

It is not a conjecture, it is entirely possible. There are no scams involved, no companies claiming to give you a home job while raiding your pocket for cash and giving you false promises.

There are currently so many adult affiliates in the USA that we work with on a daily basis earning a full-time income alongside their standard employment.

You could be one of them if you just gave it a try.

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