Instagram is banning accounts for posting Sexually Suggestive content

Are you worried about getting banned on Instagram for posting sexually suggestive or even outright adult content as a performer or influencer? You should be! So if you are an adult performer (adult model, adult camgirl or adult influencer or even regular mainstream female hot fitness influencer) that is using Instagram, you really should read this.

While it’s not news at this point, but it seems to have slipped many people’s radar and it’s starting to be enforced super aggressively in the year 2020 – what is? Instagram is banning people for posting images and Instagram stories that are sexually suggestive…. Back in April 2019 Facebook rolled out new policies. Hidden in one of those, are that sexually suggestive content isn’t allowed on their platform anymore… wait what?!? Yes, you read me right:

“Instagram is massively banning accounts for posting sexually suggestive images”

So where do they draw the line? Instagram is flooded with hot girls with very little clothes on, so why isn’t it safe anymore, why should you be banned or flagged. Well one of the heavy hitters internet news outlets (Techcrunch) asked this question to Facebook who revealed the moderation screen on instgram and the sneaky reported took a photo of the monitor. Check out what Instagram uses to teach their moderators what is NOT okay:

Six image examples of non-recommendable content from Instagram (Violence, Graphic/Shocking, Sexually Suggestive)

Above image is from this Techcrunch article

If you are a model using Instagram, you really need to be very careful. Very careful indeed. Ask yourself this question:

Does any of my images come close to the one featuring the busty brunette in lingerie in the top right image example? If so, you can be banned.

And we mean deleted. All followers gone, all work lost. Not on first offence, no, that post just gets filtered from explore and hashtags. But eventually if their machine learning algorithm deems that your account is getting too popular from borderline (sexually suggestive in our case) content, you get removed.

Or if you want to put it in corporate language, Henry Silverman (from Facebook) explained that, “As content gets closer and closer to the line of our Community Standards at which point we’d remove it, it actually gets more and more engagement. It’s not something unique to Facebook but inherent in human nature.”

You read me right, the more popular you are, the higher chance you have of getting banned or shadow banned… unless you are a household name of course, but let’s get real, you aren’t… yet.

This should be a huge red flag for anyone that uses Instagram as an influencer, performer or even as a webmaster in the adult industry.

So what now? Should you stop using Instagram? No! Of course not. It’s a hugely popular platform with a lot of eyeballs, but you need to take a hard look at what you will do if your Instagram account gets banned. In my view, it boils down to two choices:

  1. Stop posting sexually suggestive pictures / videos / stories on Instagram
  2. Continue as usual but diversify and move your followers elsewhere.

Point one is not really an option, like Instagram/Facebook itself admits is, that the sexier and closer to violating terms the content is, the more engagement it gets (likes, shares, follows) – so I’d say that you need to continue as usual and make sure that you grow your following on new platforms.

Here are some recommendations on how to grow your Instagram account in concert with other social media accounts. Like all my tips and tricks (written by me) they have actionable points to follow:

  1. Make sure that you have an account you use as a hub on a platform that is 100% adult friendly. I recommend a service like – in fact, it’s the only service I’ll recommend as a social media hub service right now.
  2. Make sure that you have a link FROM your Instagram account TO your AdultNode account.
  3. Make sure that you have links FROM you AdultNode account TO your other social media accounts (I will explain why later) like your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and OnlyFans account.
  4. Every 2-5th time you post stories and content on Instagram, make sure you encourage your followers to also follow you on your hub account(s).

Why have a hub account in an adult friendly social media haven? It’s simple. You need to keep your followers safe. While it might be super easy to grow your followers on Instagram and Twitter, it’s also very easy to lose them and get banned. Make sure you diversify.

What alternative is there to AdultNode right now? Not really that many, it’s the only one that’s 100% adult oriented and allows almost everything. I for sure recommend that you also use OnlyFans and ManyVids, but make sure you interlink them all pointing back to your hub account.

Also make sure that when you interlink the accounts, you use referral links. You are MISSING OUT if you aren’t doing this. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Make an account with
  2. Go to settings -> affiliates and grab your link:
    an image showing how and where to grab your adult node affiliate link
  3. Add that link to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  4. Go register with OnlyFans.
  5. Go to MyReferrals with OnlyFans and copy the link:
    Showing how and where to get your onlyfans referral image
  6. Go back to AdultNode and add the link on your profile here:
    Screenshot showing where and how to add social media links to
  7. Go register with ManyVids.
  8. Go to Profile-> Affiliate and copy it:
    Screenshot showing hot to get your manyvids affiliate url
  9. Go back to AdultNode and add the link on your profile here.
  10. Repeat if you have cam profiles like Chaturbate, Bongacash etc.

Every time you then post something on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, make sure you link back to your AdultNode profile, but make sure you link back using your referral link after your profile link. Wait what? Let me explain, here is how to do it:

How to refer friends and strangers to AdultNode

You want to get your fans to register using your referral link when they follow you. This way you earn money if they upgrade and on future purchases (I know one of the owners of AdultNode and she tells me that they are building video chat functionality, it’s going to be big. Think Chaturbate big!).

This is something that the mainstream social media platforms missed, they don’t reward the users for getting other users to join and follow. AdultNode and many other adult platforms knows, that while we may be in it for the pleasure and fun – we sure want the money to be there too. Otherwise, how are we to make money as posting nude pictures?

Hey I hope you enjoyed this piece and if you are ever in need of advice or tips, make sure you read my guides or send me an e-mail. I love to help.


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